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As we come to the end of this console generation, how many 360's have you had?

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User Info: doppelganger

4 years ago#371
metroidman92 posted...
MasterFoxCheif3 posted...
One and I've had it since 2008.

I think everyone is making this RROD garbage up.


Or just don't get basic proper appliance maintenance. Then again the Arcade model was said to fix the problems with the launch version.

I'm honestly not sure if the first statement was sarcastic, serious, or trolling.
Anyways, what is "proper appliance maintenance"? I understand the need to have your console set up in a good environment (off the ground, level, with space around it, etc.), but other than that I don't know what one is supposed to do to "maintain" their consoles.
# of 360's that have RROD'd on me: 2. Thanks MS!

User Info: raterrsuperstar

4 years ago#372
One,I got a slim in 2010
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User Info: Henryjksl

4 years ago#373
4, only two of them broke though

User Info: ssj5goku2005

4 years ago#374
3 that I can think first one (which was an Elite) got an RROD, sent it to get fixed and they sent back a new one, that one got the E-74 error, though my dad was able to fix that and now it works almost perfectly fine, though the disc tray doesn't open...then when my dad stopped playing video games he gave me his Slim
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User Info: Darth_Elusive

4 years ago#375
Only one, bought in 2009 summer.

I used it a lot for Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Once I finished these two games, I only used it occasionally. Haven't turned on my 360 for a year.

I am on my second PS3. My phat PS3 died from overheat, overplaying Demon's Souls.
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User Info: artian2k1

4 years ago#376
5. I'm never buying anything M$ related again.
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User Info: Tenzhi

4 years ago#377
Two. The first one was stolen.
Cheating has gone hand-in-hand with gaming for centuries. Video games in particular often have cheats built right into the game.

User Info: Elux

4 years ago#378
Two. First one red ringed.
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User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#379
Hello Daniel

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#380
Xbox 360: One
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  3. As we come to the end of this console generation, how many 360's have you had?

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