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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for $7.50?

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User Info: Lightborne

3 years ago#11
My only complaint is length and needs more levels but its so awesome.

User Info: Hambodias

3 years ago#12
i bought it and it was fun but after one play session i didnt really feel like going back

(could be due to GTA5 hype tho)
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User Info: C810

3 years ago#13
You should definitely get it for that price. I just picked it up and I'm really liking it. The neon, Rex's one liners, the weapons, the over the topness, the humor. It's all good. And for $7.50, you really can't go wrong. It has the superb mechanics of Far Cry 3, but without annoying *** Brody and his stupid friends.

Solely doing the campaign won't take a lot of time, but doing everything should probably take ~8 hours.
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