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Is there a cheaper way to make my phat 360 wi-fi compatible?

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  3. Is there a cheaper way to make my phat 360 wi-fi compatible?

User Info: natevines

4 years ago#1
Online, the cheapest you can find the adapter for is 40 bucks. That seems a little ridiculous for a piece that most xbox'ers don't even need on account of the slim.
Any cheaper alternatives? Dropping $40 this late in the console's cycle seems silly I think.
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User Info: epicgloryman

4 years ago#2
laptop or comupter

User Info: RahzarX

4 years ago#3

That will probably work.

I paid 110 bucks for my wireless adapter at launch :(
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User Info: Eplo Oni

Eplo Oni
4 years ago#4
I am not sure if RahzarX's solution would work as I am not sure if that device needs a driver to be installed to work. It says plug and play but that does not mean that it does not need software to run. This solution is $5 though and if it does not work then it is only $5 lost.

You could use the laptop/computer bridge solution since that is free, but that can be a hassle depending on where the computer is. You do have to worry about the computer acting up sometimes and not wanting to let you connect too.

I would say use this:

All you have to do is configure it for client mode (computer needed) and you are good to go . It cost around $20 but it is something that you can use with other devices which is much better than an adapter built for the 360 in mind. If you no longer need it for your 360 then you can use it as a router and access point. If you are getting a weak signal because of distance and need to boost it, then you can set it up in repeater mode to give yourself a better signal. I have one set up for DirecTV using client mode and it works perfectly.

I like things that I can re-purpose if need be, so I go for devices like that.
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User Info: sonic51489

4 years ago#5
Just pay the $40. It used to be $100
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  3. Is there a cheaper way to make my phat 360 wi-fi compatible?

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