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Is the 360 already an abandoned console?

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User Info: VasDeferens

3 years ago#21
I'll add Wolfenstein : The New Order too .

User Info: SageLibraXVI

3 years ago#22
The 360 will still be supported. I don't see too many people buying a $500 console on day one.
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User Info: HelmesSeifer

3 years ago#23
Wow I think almost everyone missed the whole point. I'm talking about things that are coming exclusively to Xbox 360 not games that are coming to every console.
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User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#24
Abandoned by microsoft? yes, but given the volume of AAA releases from Ubi and Konami at the very least, in addition to Batman,COD,Bf4 and especially Dark Souls 2, the 360 is still doing fine.

User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
3 years ago#25
I'm not getting rid of my 360. Even if no more games came out for it, I still have some very good games indeed that I like to replay, plus there are lots of games for the 360 that I've not yet tried, granted most probably won't appeal to me, but some will. But I have around sixty games for the 360, and at least a third of those are games I will happily replay from time to time.

I will no doubt buy a next gen. console at some point, but when and which one depends on the games they have, and even then I won't be getting rid of my 360 (or my N64, or my original XBox, or my PS3, or my PS2, etc).

Hucast9 posted...
HelmesSeifer posted...
There are almost no big games coming out for the 360 in the near future, especially exclusives. Any games that are coming out can be found on other consoles including the next gen ones. 2014 holds nothing as far as I know...

Next gen is 2 months away bro. It's time to move on. Expect almost no games to come out after late 2014.

Or we could act like gamers and keep our 360s and play on the games that we like, even when we buy newer consoles too.

I'll never understand people who buy a new console because it's new, and happily ditch their older machines (and therefore their older games).
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