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concern on digital gaming

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User Info: GuyFawkes5

4 years ago#1
been seeing a lot of topics about games going fully digital an how its "inevitable". whats peoples opinions on this as far as when(IF) it will happen?

I made a remark in another post that id give up on gaming all together if this happens. I just dont see the appeal in digital downloads of full games.
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User Info: ArthasReborn

4 years ago#2
A closed digital marketplace is bad for the consumer. There's little incentive for discounts, especially if they cut retail stores out of the picture.

User Info: Phoenix6000

4 years ago#3
May I ask what prospects turn you away from the idea of going digital?

The immediate benefits are that you don't have to continually swap discs and you will have your full library on-hand, all the time. No matter how careful we are with our discs, they eventually succumb to wear and tear, along with the devices used to read them. That's not to say Hard Drives last forever, but MS does offer free replacements for already purchased downloads, as well as backup storage for save files in the form of cloud. At last check their record for account security is top and not having to deal with leftover game boxes also means less clutter in our homes.

From what I've gathered in opposition to digital transition, it amounts to some shtick about principle and ethics, or how corporations will supposedly revoke your rights to play while you sleep. Don't forget, not long ago many people were adamantly opposed to music going digital for the same reasons.

On the flip side, I do get that there is a satisfaction from being able to hold your own hard-earned, personal property. However that's purely sentimental. Objectively speaking, I don't see much of a reason not to make the switch.
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