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Does Xbox do anything about hacked leaderboards?

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User Info: fiasco86

3 years ago#21
Wow, people getting so angry in here.

glassghost0, personally I don't care much about leaderboard scores other than comparing to my friends as I don't have the time necessary to even think about trying to be on top of any game's leaderboard. However, I do feel for the guys who exert so much effort and spend so much time to get the best scores in the world, and then some jerk finds an exploit and pushes those legitimate scores down. It's not a huge deal in some games where there are only a few illegitimate scores, but there are dozens of games where the top 1,000 or more scores are clearly hacked. That would bother me if I had spent so much time trying to be the best.

In reference to my original question, I filed complaints on the few users with illegitimate scores on the Splosion Man Leaderboards, but that was about two weeks ago and MS hasn't done anything about it. I contacted Twisted Pixel (developer of Splosion Man) and they e-mailed me back the same day and said they'll look into it. Props to them.
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User Info: Oldskool_Rulez

3 years ago#22
Speaking of leaderboards, what is the best leaderboard ranking you all have? I am #11 on the leaderboards for one of the stages of Wolfenstein 3D, something I'm still proud of to this day.

It's one thing if you have all the achievements for a game, but knowing you are ranked among the top 20 players is an awesome feeling.
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