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What will Madden be called next year?

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User Info: Oldskool_Rulez

4 years ago#11
Madden: Too Many to Count Edition
The DEATH cannot die!
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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#12
It will be Madden NFL 15.
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User Info: BansDontWork

4 years ago#13
Big guys with bigger egos 2015
I feast on that control method you call Karma.

User Info: grimmdaddy

4 years ago#14
Madden 25 Roster update and mode removal

User Info: joegt123

4 years ago#15
"It was not for quiet complacence he was given the name of 'Thunder God'."
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User Info: Yelnam-26

4 years ago#16
Madden Roster update 2015.
-The Red Dwarf Arnold Rimmer munchkin song.
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