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Rank the Halo games

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User Info: ShuraYukihime

4 years ago#31
Firespray85 posted...
Lol @ not having 2 or 3 in first.

When you consider 2 had a fairly horrible campaign putting it near the top just screams that you only care about multiplayer.

3 had a campaign that didn't seem to know when it should end.


If we include the Marathon games things get a little murky as well.
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User Info: jimm120

4 years ago#32
Anticitizen97 posted...
Figured its about time to get a 360, with next gen coming and all. Figured its a good time to catch up on my Halo. On a similar note, what was wrong with ODST? It looked interesting enough to me, at least.

Pretty much what I did.

I've always had a 360 (since 2006). But hadn't played any of the 360 Halo games since Halo 2 left such a bad taste in my mouth. This summer, though, I opted to play the Halo games that I had missed. Well, only the "main storyline" stuff, since I can't play 4 or 5 different games.

So, here's how I rank 'em...

Halo 1
Halo 4
Halo 3
Halo 2

I also hear that Halo Reach is pretty good.


Guys...this guy is obviously going to play them for the singleplayer/Coop considering he's "catching up". Just like I did.

And Halo 2 sucks balls. Halo 3 is better but still missing stuff. H3 is what Halo 2 should have been at worst. Unfortunately for Halo 2, it sucked huge tennis balls. Halo 4 was actually pretty damn good (and FINALLY a Halo game with great graphics). You can tell where they can improve on with halo 4 but the story was pretty good and the gameplay was pretty good too. Halo 1 was near perfection. The atmosphere was epic for this game.


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User Info: The_Rater

4 years ago#33
1. halo 2
2. halo 1
3. halo 3
4. the rest of the halo games.

User Info: TwistedKratos

4 years ago#34
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