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Heat from console mess up HDMI cable?

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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#1
Sounds like a weird question, but basically:

- Had standard TV, used composite, 360 was in a "shelf" area, it could breathe and didn't overheat

- Finally decided to switch tvs, (c'mon man, my SD had a built in DVD and VHS player) and so I changed to HDMI cord

- I guess HDMI makes the 360 work harder? Was testing 360 games and then I put one in which had more graphical detail and then after a bit the video connection started getting lost.

- Cable was definitely plugged in, felt the back of 360 and it and cable was hot. Turned off game and the visual came back in seconds as things cooled down

Question (i.e. TL:DR;)

So now I'm wondering, do I need to be worried that the wiring in the HDMI cable might be melted or something? I mean it's working fine now and all, I may just be paranoid. But I'm just being cautious. Never had trouble with the new slim heating before, but I heard reports. Guess cause I was still using composite. So HD makes the 360work harder I assume.

Thanks to whoever helps.

User Info: infinitexx

3 years ago#2
I'd be more concerned about it being the video card overheating.
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User Info: blablablax17

3 years ago#3
Well the good thing about digital connections is that it either works or it doesn't.
A good way to test it is to see if the cable works in something else.
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  3. Heat from console mess up HDMI cable?

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