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What's one thing that you have never forgotten in your whole time as a gamer?

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User Info: JackApostrophe

3 years ago#121
Mostly memories of my dad.

Playing FFVII with my dad after he stayed home from work to look after me when I was sick.

Him stealing my GBA SP to play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Every time we bought each other the same game or game accessory for Xmas.

Him being convinced that there were secret passages hidden behind the walls of Tomb Raider so he had to run into all of them to check.

User Info: Artemicion82

3 years ago#122
I still remember how it felt the day I saw "3D" graphics, after having played hand-drawn 2D games through atari, nes, genesis, snes my whole childhood, when my brother brought home a playstation and put Tekken in it totally shocked me, it was almost bizarrely frightening to even stare at but I couldn't stop staring.

User Info: BaconPancakes

3 years ago#123
That Snake has a small penis. M.G.S. 3
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User Info: jon9090

3 years ago#124
I remember being in kindergarden and i managed to finally collect all of the banana birds in donkey kong country 3 for the snes and yet at that time I barely even knew how to read haha
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User Info: Ultimate_Noob

3 years ago#125
Majora's Mask bomber kid code in my first playthrough; 1324.
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User Info: no1oblivionfan

3 years ago#126
Being allowed to stay home from school when I was 5 each year so I could finish my yearly SMB3 playthrough in one sitting.. Dem memories
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User Info: TheMatt_nin

3 years ago#127
simonbelmont2 posted...
All your bases are belong to us.

All your base are belong to us.

Some people's memory...

Also these gems from the same cutscene:

Somebody set up us the bomb!

You have no chance to survive make your time!
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User Info: F0Xhole

3 years ago#128
GuideToTheDark posted...



The blood code for MK1 back on the Genesis.

User Info: NinjaPirateDood

3 years ago#129
Remember when Super Sonic wasn't available for final bosses only? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Well, it could be worse. At least you're not a Prinny.

User Info: ayashiboi

3 years ago#130
Donkey Kong Country

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