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What's your longest gaming session?

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User Info: SolidGold

3 years ago#31
Going through bad times in my personal life I used to invest easily 8-12 hours a day (perhaps a little more at times) sometimes into World of Warcraft. Not proud of it but it beat becoming an alcoholic, resorting to crime or taking drugs to deal with my issues I guess.

User Info: videogameking33

3 years ago#32
16 hours....Burnout 3: Takedown for PS2 addicting!!!
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User Info: Mead

3 years ago#33
28 years.
A wizard did it.
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User Info: Winternova

3 years ago#34
12 hours. First time: Champions of Krynn on the Amiga. Most recently: Mass Effect 3 (single/multiplayer)
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User Info: MacDofGlasgow

3 years ago#35
First time playing Oblivion and I saved after like 16 hours at the end of the session.

Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 have probably all been 15-20 hours in a single session. I'm pretty sure I did my Hardcore and Insanity runs in Mass Effect one the same day one after another. Skipped all non-essential missions and hammered through it. ME3, I had been playing all day when I got to the Cerberus Base that is the point of no return. The last two missions took me hours and it was after 6am when I finished the main game. I was so excited to see how it ended that I didn't want to stop - if I had known how long the missions were and how slow I'd be on my Insanity run I'd have left it off another day. Going to work for 9am the next day I felt like a zombie.

When Pokemon Ruby came out on GBA, I had missed Gold/Silver/Crystal so I was quite eager to play it. My other two friends also bought Ruby and Sapphire between them so we had enough carts to get all the pokemon. We had gone into the Town Centre to buy the games at about 9am. I don't know what time we played until but my friends mother came upstairs and found the three of us all asleep still holding our GBAs. We were about 15 at the time. I still think that Ruby was the best version of Pokemon. The new ones have just got too many pokemon and I can't remember what types they all are etc.

In a single week, I managed to play The Last Remnant for 120 or so hours. I was between school and going to Uni and had already quit my full time summer job so basically was getting up, playing videogames, going to bed with not much else other than periodically eating and using the bathroom (not at the same time!).
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