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Which would you prefer NOT to be have existed AT ALL: X360, PS3, Wii?

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User Info: levelshooter

3 years ago#31

Ive got games I love on 360.

Wii gives me my Zelda and Mario fix.

I had a PS3 and for me there were no standout games that caught my attention. Im not into 'cinematic' games
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User Info: LifeBrandRobot

3 years ago#32
Wii. Not because I hated Wii games but because it's the Wii's fault that the Wiiu is came out this late in the game and is suffering so badly. Nintendo could have released the Wiiu much earlier but they were too busy riding the hollow success of the Wii.

User Info: BuyersRemorse55

3 years ago#33
Easily PS3.

Between PS3 and 360, you get better version of 98% of games on 360 already. The few good exlcusives sony has, could have just come out on 360 instead. (PS3 is quantity over quality when it comes to exclusives.) Basically all 360 needed was Uncharted series, Last of Us, maybe a couple JRPG's I don't know the name of, everything else on PS3 is crap or there are better versions on 360. For example Halo and Gears are better then any sony shooters. Forza is better then GT, but there could always be room for 2 sim racers on 360

Then Wii had a lot of crap, but had some good ninteno games are usual and a few good rpg's.

User Info: PunkMcThrust

3 years ago#34

This is actually a hard one. I think I'll go PS3. the 360 had better hardware and thus better multiplats, and had a solid line of exclusives up until Microsoft stopped caring in 2009. The PS3 meanwhile was a paperweight for 4 years and has really awful multiplats.
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User Info: FredSavage27

3 years ago#35
F*** Xbox, marry Wii, kill PS3

User Info: Halo_Forever

3 years ago#36
Focian posted...
What possible reason, bar the rise of the Terminators, would someone ever wish a machine had not existed?!

For the Wii, it popularised motion controls leading to Kinect and other bullcrap. It is something that makes me wish that the console would not have been released at.
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....

User Info: steelix55

3 years ago#37
I despise the Wii, but I'm actually going to go with the PS3. Almost all multiplats run better on 360, online service and controller is way better, etc. However, PS3 has some of my favorite games of the generation such as Uncharted 1, 2, and 3, and The Last of Us. If PS3 hadn't existed I wouldn't have had to spend so much money on a 2nd console just to play a handful of games that interest me.

I agree with another poster that in terms of exclusives, Sony is quantity over quality. Infamous was OK, but if it wasn't an exclusive, no one would even remember it existed. God of War 1 and 2 were good on PS2, but on PS3 God of War 3 and Ascension didn't do anything different except make better graphics. The game play and story are BEYOND stale at this point.

Beyond: Two Souls sucked. Killzone is a terrible franchise that will always be the franchise that tries to be Halo but fails, and isn't as good as CoD, Battlefield, or any other FPS. littlebigplanet was innovative, but not my cup of tea at all. I avoid the Wii like the plague because of those kiddie games like LBP.

If Naughty Dog didn't exist, I really would never have a need for a PS3 or a PS4. If Naughty Dog goes back to making Jak and Daxter games, I won't have a need for them either going forward.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#38
I'm away a couple days and this is the first topic I see upon return. Thanks for nothing, tc.
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