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Rayman Legends falls short of sales expectations

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User Info: beautifuldreams

3 years ago#51
how is uplay bad? it's better than steam if you don't care about the social aspect. less in your face, less resources, free bonuses

User Info: knightoffire55

3 years ago#52
JRS511 posted...
knightoffire never responds to his topics. I wouldn't waste time posting.

I love how yo come into these topics and convince everyone I'm a troll just because I don't like your favorite Kratos button mashy game.
Enough is enough I have had it with these motherf****ing vampires in this motherf****ing rain.

User Info: namewitheld

3 years ago#53
Dragon Nexus posted...
If the onyl option was to pay £300 for it on ebay...I'd pirate it.
And I'd only pirate because there was no other option.

Rapid contradiction sighted.

Morals are fleeting and non-universal. Thats why we have arbitrary rules ( laws ). Im not here to argue morals because some will think copyright piracy is the devil and some will think prosecution/judgment of copyright piracy is the devil. Thats why I hypothesized a couple of benign scenarios wherein the action was piracy but consensus would be near universal in its favour.
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  3. Rayman Legends falls short of sales expectations

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