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my god this has become the dark age of gaming

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User Info: kryllion007

3 years ago#21
TheBlueStig posted...

1. paywalls like that are few and far between. And also awful, no doubt about that.
2. The online pass was a reaction to used game sales sucking resources away from the people who maintain servers for games.
3. Episodic content isn't new, they've been doing it since Commander Keen and Doom. And frankly, the way Telltale does it is fantastic. And all told, the game costs less then a retail new release, and lets them get the game in the consumer's head and keeps it there every release. Which is a pretty good marketing tactic.
4. Free to play isn't free to play, nor should it be called that. it should be called "pay what you like". A game that doesn't make money is a game that doesn't get updates, resources like server time or a sequel, that's just how the world works. If you like a F2P game like Happy Wars or World of Tanks, and you decide you like it more then a game like GTA, you pay into it. That's the idea behind F2P games. If no one payed into Blacklight: Tango Down, we wouldn't have Blacklight: Retribution. Or world of tanks, which is one of the biggest non-casual/mmo F2P games. It's no different from Crowd Sourcing games on Kickstarter, or god help me, pre-order bonuses.

tl;dr find better examples of awful dlc. Like Borderlands 2's awful Season Pass stuff where they split up dlc between two different "seasons". That's a good example of money grab.

Also, OP. The Dark Ages of gaming was when every game company bar Nintendo and a few others just ate it and folded because they put out far too much shovelware. Which if you're gonna start screaming Chicken Little-esque things, you could point out that conditions are ripe for a second collapse, not now but soon.

User Info: VeryDarkSoul

3 years ago#22
Zohar_Metatron posted...
I too long for the days when games were complete on carts! Yup, didn't have to spend full price for the second half of Sonic 3 a year later or anything! People didn't datamine what looks to be a few extra hours of content in Chrono Trigger that'll never see the light of day!

VeryDarkSoul posted...

Didn't like the Borderlands 1 ending? That's fine, just download and purchase each individual DLC that adds more to the game, including an alternate ending.

Wait, which Borderlands DLC added an alternate ending? Unless we're counting the big-room-of-loot in Knoxx standing in for what players assumed the Vault would be, they were all entirely self-contained things.

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User Info: Winternova

3 years ago#23
TheBlueStig posted...
What about games where you can't get the achievements, or participate in multiplayer, or even play the entire game without downloading more content?

Who cares? If you want all the achievements, get the DLC. If you want to play multiplayer, get the DLC, and episodic games are pretty damn cool IMHO.
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User Info: BuyersRemorse55

3 years ago#24
The last like 3 years have been some of the best gaming years ever. 2013 has been a bit of a down year though for me personally. I think I only bought 2 new games so far this year and one was just rerelease of a game already on PC, being Diablo 3.
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