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Just started ME2 for the first time...

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User Info: TheIastspartan

3 years ago#11
I personally dislike the vanguard. But many people swear by it so maybe it's just not my thing. I found they got boring fairly quickly.

My favorites are the adept and infiltrator. With the adept, you get tons of tools at your disposal, and you pretty much feel like a jedi with a gun which is badass. Plus, sending people into the atmosphere with pull/singularity+throw is hilarious.

The infiltrator gets this awesome bullet-time effect while zooming in, which makes headshots super addictive and satisfying. You also get tactical cloak which you can either use for a quick get away or to buff your next shot. Then you also get overload and incinerate so it's a nice mix of gameplay.

User Info: TheVillageIdiot

3 years ago#12
ME2 is my favorite of the series, too. I liked playing (fun factor) as an Adept best, followed by Engineer, Infiltrator and Sentinel. I didn't care for the Vanguard due to my dislike of close quarters combat and Soldier is boring to me. If you are planning on playing on harder difficulty levels do yourself a favor and use Sentinel for that. They make it ridiculously easy. It's been a while, but I think I only died twice or three times as one on insanity difficulty doing all DLC.

User Info: xMark

3 years ago#13
Sheepinator posted...
xMark posted...
I've only played ME as a shooter... not really focusing on biotics.

IMO that's a waste. You can play 153,294 other games as shooters, so when a game offers you something different, take it.

The choice of Vanguard also depends on difficulty level I think. On Normal it's a lot of fun. On Insanity it's no fun at all.

I agree with you.

Idk why I do it. I usually play with biotics in mind, but end up just blowing everything away with an AR or sniper.

That's why I decided to play a vanguard.
Hopefully I'll enjoy it, or I might switch to an adept or infiltrator.
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