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First timer. Best version of the X360 to buy in your opinion?

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User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#11
Slim S version.

Avoid the older fat models and especially avoid the E model at all costs, especially if you plan on buying a surround sound system or headset that requires a digital optical audio port.
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User Info: Landonio

4 years ago#12
BuyersRemorse55 posted...
lol crimson tide

cant wait for a couple more years when they get pwned by the ncca and have to vacate wins and titles cuz they are prolly paying half their players and recruiting illegally plus other benefits

LOL, wtf? I'm sorry your team is ass.

That already happened, breh. We were hit hard. Harder than nearly any school has outside of SMU. We payed the price, and we've worked hard to get back to the top.

And if you think every big-time school in the country is squeaky-clean 100% of the time, you're delusional and know nothing about college sports. It happens everywhere all the time. I'm sure there's probably something going on at Bama right now. Who knows. It's happening everywhere. Nothing I can do about it. Still gonna support my hometown team.

Still, though, we have arguably the best coaching staff in the country with some of the best recruiters in the country, money or not. No BS there. And if there IS anything going on, I guarantee it's not under Saban's watch. It'd be their ass. He's no-nonsense. Tries to do everything the right way, even if he comes across as a dick at times. The man just hates losing.

And I guarantee if there is anything happening, it's nowhere NEAR as bad as what's probably going on at schools like USC, Miami, OSU, Texas, etc.

Hell, probably even Auburn because they can't stand being the red-headed stepchild and living in our shadow. They got a taste of actually being good with Scam Newton (who they most likely paid for, as well), and they'll probably do anything to get back to that point. Who knows what's going on over there.
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