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So CoD: Ghosts didn't break GTA V's sale records?

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User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#11
SunDevil77 posted...
_SCOTSLAD posted...
Edit: also xbone and ps4 preorders are most likely counted as well.

They don't count. Unless they shipped them out at the same time.

But yeah, Ghosts didn't break the record. It'll probably catch up after the Holidays.

They shipped PS4 as well. It sold decently in the UK first week, even though it was 2-3 weeks ahead of the console. Recent reports point out actual sell-through is tracking about 50% of where BLOPS2 was.
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User Info: RockguyKev

4 years ago#12
It will be the top selling game by far on both new consoles at launch and into the foreseeable future. I think IW is gonna be fine.

User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#13
I don't know why anyone wanted to jump on the "CoD: Ghosts is gonna 1-up GTAV" bandwagon anyway..?
Sales history clearly shows that CoD has been on a decline for why anyone expected CoD sales to magically jump is a mystery to me.
Not to mention they overlook the fact that there is a CoD every year, while GTA doesn't see a release for like 5+ years.
There was no logical way that CoD: Ghosts was gonna outperform GTAV.

And what is an even bigger that GTAV launched on two consoles (PS3 & XB 360), whereas CoD Ghosts are across all platforms (XB 360, PS3, Wii-U, Vita, PC, etc).
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