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If you're sticking with the PS360 for awhile - why? And when you go next gen..

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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

4 years ago#1
..which will you get?

To start with I am excited for the launch of the PS4 tomorrow -- sadly there isn't ONE game that interests me outside of Contrast ~ which is on the 360 also.. IF the Xbone was $399 and they removed the forced Kinect I would likely get the Xbox One on the 22nd..for Crimson Dragon and also to have a taste of Next Gen -- but sadly ~ none of those things are a I am sticking with this gen for quite a while..or until enough games interest me on either side and I just can't wait any more... which is looking like 2015.

User Info: TheBeastWithin

4 years ago#2
I'll probably adopt next gen in about a year. For one thing there are almost always problems with new tech on release and by waiting that can be avoided. For another thing I have a big backlog of games for 360 and there is just no reason to upgrade right now when those games will provide just as much enjoyment as the newer stuff. And finally, the people I know aren't upgrading right away, so no reason to do so for MP reasons.
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User Info: RycerX

4 years ago#3
The backlog of course, which I expect to make even worse this holiday season. The launch lineups aren't bad, but it's nothing I can't live without. There's also the matter of hard drive space. 500gb is a joke, it's simply not going to be enough for next gen content over the long term. I learned my lesson after upgrading my 360 hard drive twice. I'm anticipating both a price drop for the Xbox One by next Christmas and hopefully newer models with more storage space for both consoles sometime in 2015, which is when the good stuff looks to be hitting shelves.

If the Xbox One doesn't start kicking some serious ass between now and then, I'll be going with the PS4 as my multiplat console of choice. I always wind up owning all major consoles in the end regardless. It's possible that could change this time around though, especially now that both online services are paid subscriptions.

It's a good thing I've given up my addiction to achievement hunting, otherwise that would be a much more difficult choice.

User Info: C810

4 years ago#4
I wish I could go to Best Buy and try to grab a PS4 that isn't already accounted for, but with a baby due in February I don't think my wife and I could afford it. So I'm sticking with this gen for awhile by lack of funds, not because of a lack of interest. I'll stick with the 360 for the foreseeable future until I can save up the funds for a PS4. Maybe pick up a PS3 if I can get my hands on one cheap since now would be the best time to pick up some games I never got to play like the Sly Cooper Collection, Killzone Collection, and others.
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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#5
I am interested in the PS4 myself, as it is exactly what I want in a gaming console.

I am going to pass on the Xbone, because Microsoft has pissed me off with their DRM shenanigans and forced kinect.

With that said, I'm done buying consoles at launch. They never last long and break withing months.
So I plan on waiting about a year when the manufacturing process has been nailed down to a science, and I can expect a reliable & dependable unit.
And it will be a PS4.
**** Microsoft and the Xbone !

I loved my X-Box and XB 360...but I will not support the Xbone.
it is not what I want in a home console. And Microsoft does not care to appeal to us gamers. So I will not support them.
If they remove the kinect and make it so that I don't have to go On-line for a mandatory install (& drop the price by $100), then I will consider getting one.

User Info: rockyoumonkeys

4 years ago#6
I always wait a while to move on to the next gen. I think I got a 360 about six months after it launched, and my PS3 was more like a year after.

I haven't yet decided which next gen console I'm getting first, but I'll ultimately likely get both.

And it'll probably be summer before I'm ready for either.
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User Info: foodeater4

4 years ago#7
I'll be waiting to move into next gen. None of the launch games are worth upgrading and most of them are already available current gen or PC. I also want to wait and see if PS4 or One have any heat issues and such after what happened this gen.

Probably a year in or so is when I will get one, there should be a selection of games.

Still looking forward to Dark Souls 2 more then anything that's been announced for Ps4 or One yet.

Plus I still got a sizable bag log of games I still want to play.

Also Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar are coming out and MMO's tend to keep me occupied a while also.

User Info: CrimsonCorp

4 years ago#8
I needed to get a new 360. My 60GB has been going for 6 years, and it's tray was seriously messed up. So I went and got an xbox and a 320GB, now i'm future proof.

Next year, i want a huge RPG to accompany my X1. Just like Oblivion was to my 360 7 years ago.
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User Info: Just_The_Tip

4 years ago#9
Huge backlog
Hardware problems with the past two generations of consoles
I'm probably done with console gaming after I finish my backlog
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User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#10
No gaemz and lessons were learned from this gen about buying at launch.

So a year at least before PS4 for me. Not to mention a wide variety of games I still haven't bought yet.

Why the PS4? It'll be a gaming console, not corporate spyware.
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