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Best game for $20???

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User Info: SolidGold

3 years ago#11
The Arkham Games, Dark Souls and the Assassins Creed series are all must play titles this gen I think.

User Info: SolidGold

3 years ago#12
Add the Fallout titles to that also :)

User Info: bighat1984

3 years ago#13
Ill go buy these thanks

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

3 years ago#14
Dragon Age Origins
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User Info: NeojianX

3 years ago#15
Resident Evil Revelation, if it's still available at XBL store for that price.

Deadly Premonition
Culdcept Saga
Lego Batman 2
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User Info: moondog84

3 years ago#16
Deadly Premonition
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User Info: VasDeferens

3 years ago#17
Check the Black Friday sales . Both GTA IV and RDR GOTY editions are $ 15 on Amazon . Idk for how long .

User Info: HairlessTugboat

3 years ago#18
Fallout: New Vegas
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User Info: ssj5goku2005

3 years ago#19
bighat1984 posted...
Can someone tell me if I'm missing out with

Dark Souls

AC - yes it's a great series IMO and has a great story
Fallout - eh personally I think people only hold it up so high just because it's a Bethesda game...I just can't get into it
Dark Souls - never played it so can't comment there
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User Info: JackBurton85

3 years ago#20
Topic creator, you realize how many games can be found for 20 bucks nowadays? You might as well ask for a list of the 30 best 360 games cuz i guarantee the bulk of em, if not all of em, can be found for around that price range.

That said, Max Payne 3 is phenomenal. Red Dead Redemption is also amazing.
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