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Time to move on

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User Info: Anthonyana

3 years ago#1
360 was fun. But with xbox one out there is no reason keep supporting 360. Im sure like most of you I have my collection with 360 stored up for a those days when I want to replay a series or something. But otherwise I am moving on.

User Info: MasterMoron

3 years ago#2
Yeah, but aren't they eventually going to come out with special edition Xbox one's that come with all sorts of games and accessories? I have a Gears of War 3 limited edition X-Box 360. I just can't give up playing that to play that ugly Xbox One. Does the Xbox One even come with anything? Just the Kinect and one controller, right? I think I'll wait. Then when I have an awesome limited edition XboxOne that came with a butch of accessories and games you'll be jealous that all you have is a crappy black XBoxOne.

User Info: GinsuVictim

3 years ago#3
Time to move on

See ya! I'll still be here enjoying my 360.
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User Info: KakkaKarrotKake

3 years ago#4
Are you trying to convince us or yourself?

User Info: davepesc

3 years ago#5
This has been a great week for ebay deals! Between the 360 and PS3 my backlog is now about 40 games deep and I only spent about $160 for all of them. (PS3 games cost more, on average) I won't need to upgrade for quite a while!
"**** you'll thats all you mofos know how to do iss pick on people cause there typeing **** this site" DarkAssAssIn051

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

3 years ago#6
I'm not a psychologist or something, but it sounds like the TC is trying to put his justification for spending a bucket load of money he may or may not have for a system that hasn't really impressed us yet.

Neither Next Gen console is a good value at the moment, simply because the launch titles are either available on the older consoles or the games just aren't being well received, see Ryse.

I like to wait until the consoles drop in price and I have a better library of games to look to. But thats just me.
"This Year in Jerusalem."

User Info: Trugamer

3 years ago#7
I'll move on after they drop the price and stop making Kinect mandatory.
If they do not dump Kinect from the console and keep forcing it and the increased price I will not be buying for a really long time.

User Info: darkhare

3 years ago#8
nope im going to keep my 360 for several more years, and if the console landscape till looks like ass a i predict it will im just not going to bother buying a console but will play steam on my laptop.
The future of Console Gaming, are the gamers. vote with your $!

User Info: levyjl1988

3 years ago#9
No good games for Xbox one yet... so why make the transition too early?
I hate games with bad game design

User Info: JRS511

3 years ago#10
I never "move on" in gaming. I always play games across all platforms at any given time.
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