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If you're holding off on buying a "current-gen" console, why?

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User Info: Private_Noob

4 years ago#31
Neither Next-Gen Consoles have a Launch Lineup I am interested in.
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User Info: mabber_III

4 years ago#32
because they are expansive, not backwards compatibly, have no games, and have terrible ui

might get a wiiu, tho

User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#33
1) I've never cared about getting anything as soon as it was released.
2) Waiting for technical issues to be fixed.
3) I'm unemployed and nearly broke. If the job I'm going for right now doesn't pan out, my Christmas present to my parents will be having to move back in with them, and getting a job at Lowe's or something.
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User Info: desert_santa

4 years ago#34
I already own a wii u and 3ds so I guess I won't be buying a ps4 or xbone any time soon.

This year I still have to buy AC 4, zelda ALBW, mario 3d world and bravely default. Quite tempted to buy the ps4 in jan if any are in stock. This depends on if I have finished the four games i listed.

Plus I want more games releasing in February and march for the 360 and ps3. Really depends on how much gaming time I can get in. I do have a week off in December and January so we'll see.

I didn't even count games like donkey kong or xillia 2(and others) as they have no official release dates yet.

User Info: Dtoohey

4 years ago#35
It all comes down to value. It's just not worth the money right now. My only interest is in games and the games are better on my 360. Once the game on the XboxOne/PS4 are better I'll get one. That should happen in a year or 18 months.
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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

4 years ago#36
Basically what you said TC, the current gen announced games intrest me more then new games.

The only thing new gen that intrests me at this time but probably wont be about till 2015 or later is a Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age 3.

But again, these will be out on PC also, and with a new PC purchase planned for myself in January or Feb I maybe be set for a while without new consoles.

User Info: xninjagrrl

4 years ago#37
I would hold off. My X1 came pre-scratched and makes fun sounds even when its turned off. Also, the controller is cheap, the dpad Up broke in the first few hours and the bumpers suck big time. I love the sticks though. Well I would if the right one wasnt messed up a little. So yeah, its a launch console. I've never owned a launch console ever so I just had to get one. Probably a mistake.
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User Info: Lightgamer

4 years ago#38
I do plan on getting both the PS4 and Xbox One. However, the two reasons I held off from either:

-I know for a fact the 500gb was on par to the previous generation's 20gb xbox 360. So I'll wait for the inevitable 1TB console.
-There will be a better looking Slim models of both consoles 1-3 years from now. I know it's subjective, but lets face it, both consoles are UGLY.
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