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Mass Effect

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User Info: Sheepinator

3 years ago#91
PsychoDrama1 posted...
Am I ignorant in saying that ME3 was the best multiplayer experience I had on this last gen?

This is Gamefaqs. You aren't supposed to admit to liking this excellent MP mode, nor give it any credit for doing MT right, resulting in many fans getting several DLC's for free that other pubs would have charged at least $10 each for. You are supposed to attack the MP for being "tacked on", that it's something nobody wants, and above all, never ever try it for yourself.
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User Info: SolidStryder

3 years ago#92
scoobydoobydont posted...
Sheepinator posted...
OriginalGalamin posted...
this game was made by EA. Yeah, THAT EA. So the dlc in the first two games factors into the ending of the third. Lame, but y'know. EA.

What are you talking about, and why is it a big deal? Also, EA acquired Bioware when the first game was 99% complete and Bioware had probably already planned things out for DLC and sequels.

Yeah, it was planned out... then they completely ignored their plans and changed the entire plot of the series..


The gameplay was also much improved in the second game. You could always crank up the difficulty and not use a soldier if it was too much shootbang. Didn't like the way they scaled back loot and the skill trees, ME3 hit a good balance.

PsychoDrama1 posted...
Such a good franchise. Arguably the best video game trilogy of all time. Am I ignorant in saying that ME3 was the best multiplayer experience I had on this last gen? I pray EA doesn't destroy the soul of the franchise.

I don't think anyone should call you ignorant for enjoying something. I thought it was well done and well supported. Lot of different classes to keep things fresh, and all of the dlc was free. I got a lot of time in it after I beat the game, I'd jump into a few games after each major mission though. Because while Shepard was off doing Shepard stuff, Sgt John Stamos was being traumatized by the sight of his Krogan teammates trying to headbutt banshees.

User Info: orangenee

3 years ago#93
I had a love/hate relationship with the ME 3 MP. Eventually I got fed up of Golds BS and canned it. Not to mention it was glitchy as hell.

Oh and the various packs being tight. OH LOOK AT HOW MANY SHINY I HAVE! None for you though son!

Very addictive though given how simple it is.
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