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What's in your perfect game?

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User Info: acehunter71

3 years ago#1
It could be real or simply hasn't been created/dreamed up yet, but what are the components to your PERFECT 15/10 TIMELESS game?

This is hard for me because some of the most memorable games simply add something new to the table that become staples down the road.

Inspiration: Mario, Mario 64
-Catchy/memorable music that makes you FEEL the situation that the game is putting you into.
-Arcade-style sound effects that supplement your abilities such as power-ups that make you feel more powerful (muchrooms), invincible/quick (stars[but when you're quicker, the music gets quicker and you WANT to speed, which creates a danger that your invincible self will speed off faster than your prepared for and you risk losing it all by a simple mis-step, causing you to fall into a pit]).

Mass Effect
-A great story that makes you think, and holds a weight over you that surprises you. Oh my God...this game has never made me feel so powerful, motivated and influential (at first) and then throws you for a complete curveball and makes you realize that you really ARE an ant-sized spec of insignificance in the grand scheme of things...then gives you the power and ingenuity to OVERCOME UNIVERSE-DESTROYING BORG-BOTS. And wow did it feel insane to kill Sovereign, then so humbling (yet again) to learn that he was the RUNT of the pack...shivers even now.
Dragonage (Honorable mention for Story)
This game highlights how a great story and true immersion can overcome mediocre gameplay as I thought the gameplay was too technical and a little frustrating for a while, but I gritted through it because the intricate story was intriguing and pushed me along.

Zelda, DMC/Castlevania
ACTION_RPG. I love the action RPG model as the turn based stuff can get really technical. I want constant progression as you use your skills. Don't give me points. If I stab someone with a sword, my sword skills should go up vs. my archery skills.

Metroid, Deus Ex-Human Revolution, Mercenary (Lucasarts)
LEVEL-DESIGNS. Fully destructible environments to give me true freedom to choose my challenge and multiple routes to intelligently complete my goals int he vein of puzzle-solving. Speaking of which...

Farcry 3, GTA
(Relating Farcry to the last topic) Farcry level design concept was awesome because you could choose the best way to take down each base, which was layed out differently. It really needed some MORE linear options to choose from, like a mineshaft leading to some explosives specifically designed for a diversion explosion or trap.
OPEN WORLD gives you the freedom to choose how you want to go about completing each objective and which order you want to complete missions. Speaking of which...

Fable, Dark Cloud 1/2
Let my choices impact the rest of the game.

Ok guys I started with a lot of material. What else do you have?
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User Info: rawrLIKEaB05S__

3 years ago#2
not open world but not linear
Graphics better than crysis 3 PC
240 FPS
8K res
Third person shooter with some stealth (like uncharted)
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User Info: beautifuldreams

3 years ago#3

User Info: Cage of Rage

Cage of Rage
3 years ago#4
great shout out for Dark Cloud. Great game series.
GT: Fi3ran
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User Info: FalloutFan19

3 years ago#5
I have a feeling this topic will become popular! I already own the best game invented! Fallout 3! The BEST game they could ever possibly make would have to be a new Fallout adding new features! :-)
"Pfft...nice hat Calamity Jane." -Fallout 3

User Info: Deja-Entendu

3 years ago#6
Everything in either MGS2 or Deadly Premonition
bettr than u deal w/ it

User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#7
-Dialogue options that have actual consequences, and a world that actually changes to reflect your decisions. So basically... you know Megaton in Fallout 3? Get better writers because that was dumb, but basically that. For dozens and dozens of decisions and hundreds of conversations.

-Exploration of unique (asset-wise) environments filled with unique, non-combat ways of interacting with the environment, objects, and even life forms.

-If RPG (as my perfect game is almost certain to be), diplomacy/speech and stealth are both just as valid character paths as any warrior/soldier.

-Along the lines of the 1st and 3rd thing about, ample, mutually exclusive quests/objectives appropriate for different character paths. No "exactly the same missions slightly edited" due to laziness/budget/time constraints.

-Collectables, because OCD.

-Voice acting. It's my perfect/ideal, and silent characters (unless actually mute as a character trait that gets acknowledged) have no place in it.

-Pretty water effects wherever water is to be found. Just because.
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User Info: Jukain

3 years ago#8
"In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. In death, sacrifice." ~ The Grey Wardens

User Info: MrMikeMa

3 years ago#9
I want the ultimate beat em up:

Tons of characters to choose from/create with "God Hand" style combo editor
Tons of enemy variety (thugs, monsters, zombies)
Skyrim size world

Yeah. I will never need another game

For now, what's in my actual perfect game is : Ninja Gaiden : Black. (playing it never gets old)

User Info: CyricsServant

3 years ago#10
Minsc, Edwin, Boo, Xzar, Imoen, etc.
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