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Tomb Raider getting a GOTY edition...

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User Info: levyjl1988

3 years ago#1
we all heard by now about the definitive edition for Xbox One and PS4... but a GOTY ed....

Do you think it will all be on one disc or simply just a download voucher? Any guesses?
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User Info: corex3d

3 years ago#2
depend on how big the base game is and the dlc if its all same disc the only games I can think that had that are fable 2, midnight club, and dead island its will most likely be 2 disc or download codes

User Info: fiasco86

3 years ago#3
I think they should call it a OGOTY edition.

The extra O is for Overrated.
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User Info: shawnmck

3 years ago#4
I think I prefer the face of the normal edition better..?
Either way, sounds good to me. I was thinking of picking this up again. I traded it in not long after it came out because I needed the money. So it fine with me.
Although I don't see the point of getting it for next-gen..? But hey, whatever. people are free to vote with their wallets.
I hope it sells well too. It was (is) a good game.

User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#5
There's no reason to get this.

The majority of the DLC is MP related and as I've always said, the multiplayer in Tomb Raider is the worst mp experience I've ever played
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User Info: DieMyBride

3 years ago#6
As much as I loved the reboot, anybody looking into this game should just get a vanilla copy on current gen. The "definitive" version is a rip-off and pretty much this version as well.

People need to stop getting upset with GOTY editions on games THEY find unworthy. It's a marketing tactic to attract sales.

User Info: Jukain

3 years ago#7
I didn't even know that Tomb Raider had DLC.
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User Info: shawnmck

3 years ago#8
Jukain posted...
I didn't even know that Tomb Raider had DLC.

^ As far as I know, it has costume DLC (3-outfits)...and I think some extra challenge tombs (but am not sure).
Some argue that extra multi-player modes are DLC as well..?
And like others have isn't all that much content.

User Info: HandGod

3 years ago#9
Jukain posted...
I didn't even know that Tomb Raider had DLC.

Worthless DLC. DLC for extremely unnecessary multiplayer that is really not all that great -- and dead -- and then some trinkets for single player that don't really affect the game all that much. This is probably the worst GOTY I think I have ever seen, since there's so little about the actual package that is of value. Better just sticking to your normal editions of the game, or buying it for cheap.

User Info: mabber_III

3 years ago#10
it's not like any of the dlc is worth it
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