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GameStop employee didn't put the PGR4 disc in the case...

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User Info: thekozmicpig

3 years ago#41
I once bought a game off ebay that managed to be complete, except for the disc. I don't know how you botch that. The seller did apologize and give me a full refund, which in the long run was better for me as I was able to buy the disc alone for less money.

Though my favorite refund story has to be one person who overcharged me by 47 cents and sent that back. That people, is fantastically honest seller.
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User Info: Agent9

3 years ago#42
CaIiber345 posted...
I went back to the store. After the employee scanned the receipt and verified their stock to make sure I wasn't scamming, he gave me the disc and was very apologetic. I was more than happy with just getting the game.

Nice. Glad to hear a happy ending.
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User Info: NekoSlave

3 years ago#43
I had a wonderful customer relationship with the manager at the local GameStop for years. He knew me by name, greeted me when I went, and saved the pre-order bonuses for the games he knew I was into so I'd have one when I went to get them. He knew all about games too, not like some employees who are just there as a summer job or whatever.
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User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#44
I went to the other local GameStop today, in search of specific titles that my GS doesn't have (Left 4 Dead repurchase, Forza 4). What a nice place. I've been there a few times here and there. Their stock is diverse and neatly arranged, the store is much bigger and spacious, and since it was a weekday evening and quiet, they were very attentive in a friendly but not pushy way. They didn't treat me like a sale, and I had two nice game conversations with the employees. While this doesn't mean it's always like that in there! it was much nicer than my usual GS experiences. I think I'll start going there more often.
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User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#45
I have boycotted EB Games/GameStop for eight years. No amount of sales will ever bring me back as a customer.
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JascoD posted...
That can't be said about me. I always watch them as a hawk, making sure they do not put on that ugly ass "Safety-Seal" sticker on the game case.

Ruins the case completely when removed.

Every time they pick up those stickers I say out loud: Noo!


Seriously. Last game I got there(Killer Is Dead CE, with the cardboard box), he put that sticker on before I could stop him. Annoyed me because it ripped part of the outer layer of the box off when I removed it. I mean Jesus, the game has already been opened, what ****ing purpose does putting that sticker on it serve?O_o
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User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#47
Worst thing that happened to my friend was Gamestop put a copy of No More Heroes 1 into the case when he bought No More Heroes 2. We went back and they were going to switch it out but then they found out they didn't have a copy of NMH2.
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User Info: NakedSnake1986

3 years ago#48
Last time I went to gamestop was december 2012 and bought New Vegas Ultimate edition used for the 360. Opened the case when I got home and had duplicate disc number 2 instead of the main game on disc one. Went to the store closest to me who knew me and they sorted it out, but that was the last time I ever went there.
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