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Games w gold for feb?

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User Info: Darkest_Evil

3 years ago#1
Anyone know?

User Info: DieMyBride

3 years ago#2
I doubt even Major Nelson knows. They announce usually the last day of the month.

User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#3
Darkest_Evil posted...
Anyone know?

When someone does know, you'll see it.
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User Info: Overburdened

3 years ago#4
I'm surprised there hasn't been more of these topics about February's games.

D1rt and Switchball.
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User Info: JtheXtremeGamer

3 years ago#5
Vampire Rain
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User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#6
JtheXtremeGamer posted...
Vampire Rain

I wish, then I wouldn't have to open my copy, but just another stupid guess where the game isn't even available for GoD
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User Info: darren19822000

3 years ago#7
table tennis
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User Info: LTferret

3 years ago#8
The Maw
Ms.Splosion Man

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User Info: JohnnyS1ns

3 years ago#9
Quote:The Maw
Ms.Splosion Man



It isnt april
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User Info: MrAwesome312

3 years ago#10
Halo Wars.
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