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Can you name a game that's...

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User Info: SixStringHero

3 years ago#71
Bioshock is quite violent. Just take a look at a Splicer's body next time you get a chance after killing one. If you took them out with fire arms there will be visible wounds on the body. If you set them on fire, their body will be charred.

Take a whack at their bodies with a wrench. Bioshock has some grisly details. I actually like that in my shooters. Nothing really surpasses the brutality of Max Payne 3 however.
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User Info: Winternova

3 years ago#72
Kurgan777 posted...
Winternova posted...
Kurgan777 posted...
So they can be hypocrites??? They got away with enjoying themselves when they were kids but their own kids should be miserable and sheltered???

Sheltering kids from things does far more damage to them in the long run than open teaching does.

Any parent that tells their kids not to do something should be forced to think back when they were a kid and their own parents told them not to do that same thing and THEY DIDN'T LISTEN.

Parents who allow their kids to blow s*** up, to kill thousands of virtual people, to commit thousands of virtual acts of crime, torture, and mass violence, but draws the line at simple fake blood, or sexual innuendo, or viewing of any kind of nudity, those parents are f***ing idiots.

Please, enlighten us with more of your child-rearing expertise, Dr. Spock.

So you think lying to kids, sheltering them from things, and basically being a giant hypocrite is "being a good parent"???

I feel sorry for you and any kids you might squeeze out.....

Sheltering kids does nothing but hold them back and create more lazy slobs bent on demanding that the government solve all their problems instead of solving their own problems.

How many people out there right now who "live in the spotlight", who can claim to be famous, were sheltered as a kid, protected from all things dangerous??? None of them. Movie stars, race drivers, athletes, all of them started young, some as young as just 2 and a half years old who were world champions by just 17.

Can the sheltered ones claim things like that??? No, they can't, because their parents are still trying to shelter them at 17.

I never said I disagreed with you, Stig. I just doubt you have any child-rearing experience at all and your presentation of your ideas always leaves a lot to be desired. The way you phrase your arguments invariably turns people off. It's okay, though, because you're not worth listening to...even when you're right.
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