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DBZ Battle of Z is one of the greatest 4 players online CO-OP games on Xbox 360

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User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#1
Just got it. Still new to this, but it's FUN, and IMO there is enough depth and user friendly balancing to make it worthwhile, even for solo players.

Yea the offline side of things is kinda small compared to what you can do online (I play this online only anyway. It's kind of like Left 4 Dead where it's playable offline, but it's 4x better online. Well online does make multiplayer better anyway.)
Even with it's offline/single player being it's weakest part, it's still worth playing (plenty of amusing scenes and dialogue)

This is the most revolutionary and innovative free flight team brawl fighting since DBZ Legends, and most fun DBZ open battlefield gaming since Tenkaichi 3 matches. :) And it's even more intense and exciting than the Budokai/Tenkaichi series.

While by today's standards it's lacking in total roster size, but it does at least meet the basic roster standards, which is impressive for the first game of this kind with this engine.

And has exclusive playable characters from the latest movie. Overall it's a solid roster with some newness included. It really should get more sequels, then it can reach Tenkaichi 3 roster standards and beyond. :)

The free flying has never felt better in a DBZ (makes all the other DBZ games feel stiff and small) and there is plenty of battle mechanics and innovative elements (like being able to play a support role in the team to fill up their Ki, revive them, etc.)

The default controls are great.

*enemy lock on (right stick to change targets)

*move camera/switch targets

*change to Support role (right stick up/down to target allies), give them Ki (I may be seeing things but giving teammates Ki doesn't seem to reduce your own Ki, which is actually cool because this means that teammate help recharge each other's Ki faster without penalty. So there is incentive to help raise partners Ki. Though watch out for attacks in the wonderful chaos.

It is very helpful to be a healer role, because there's only so much retries/respawns the team has. So be sure to watch their HP, and be close enough to revive them the moment they are knocked out, they have about 5 seconds window to be picked up, which is enough time if you play healer/support role effectively, and anyone can heal/revive. )

*block. move in a direction while blocking to teleport/fast evade.

* button combinations does some unique action.
Like a rush attack (that can lead to a smash chase)
a laser attack, etc.

*unique special actions.

*melee/combo attack (generate Ki meter, though not as fast as receiving Ki from teammates)

*basic Ki attack (doesn't drain special Ki meter)



Very straightforward yet very meaty gameplay system. While it doesn't get complex with button inputs for combos, it doesn't need multiple melee buttons or dial a combos to have combat depth.

The learning curve and input is fair enough for everyone to enjoy, with enough depth for mastery without fighting your controller.

There's even more to it like Synchronized attack system (insanely epic, especially with 4 players, you basically beat the fluff out of a single enemy target, together with fully powered hits. )

Smash Chases (with teammates you can take turns playing volleyball, chasing smashing the enemy.
just be ready for that button signal when it's your turn. Position doesn't matter, it's the timing.).

Super attacks: O+Triangle (very addicting. The kamehameha beams are some of the most EPIC, most MASSIVE and most FUN supers to perform. They feel like super ultimate attacks!!!!)

Ultimate attacks

Plenty of ways to battle alongside allies, and each character has their own unique differences
and fit in one of the fighting class categories.

User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#2
Continuing my first impressions:

There is a lot of TEAM STRATEGY like never before in a DBZ/co-op/brawl game. It's challenging, fun and REWARDING.

These classic DBZ fights, as much as we played through those fights in various DBZ games, NOTHING feels as sensational as experiencing theses fights in Battle of Z, especially with 2-4 players Co-op online (YES!! After the first few tutorial missions, the Story campaign supports 4 players CO-OP online in realtime!! And the netcode is on par with the best out there!!!! Online co-oping in missions is like a warrior career in itself!! Epic hordes, epic boss fights, epic teams!! )

It also has 8 players online versus at the sametime!!!! Extremely revolutionary features for the franchise, with a battle system that is more unique, more intense and more fun than the Street Fighter and Smash clones out there.

The interface is very cool, it feels like a next gen DBZ game
The ring of spheres, are used to cycle through (CPU or player teammates can fill those), with the Center being the Start function.

You highlight your sphere and open character select. or customize/examine a character's equipped Cards (enhances stats and stuff).

to the right of the ring of spheres are a stacked selection of other commands like collections and a shop. Basically use the Mission sphere to select a mission. then select the center Start command to ready up. Other players ready up choosing the center of the spheres as well. Online, it seems players take turns using mission select.
This is actually awesome because it allows all players to have a turn choosing a mission they want to do. After the mission is over, the next player chooses a mission. It's much much better and faster than a voting system, or only the host determining the mission the team does next.

In online lobbies you can choose from several categories of Text Messages to display on screen,
most of them are polite and friendly. :) And yes there is mic support.

The loading screens are actually fast, hardly notice them and they have nice loading wallpapers with excellent font.

And if there is any lag, it's pretty much only after a cutscene when the game uses Synchronization for a few seconds to sync everyone's connection. All the sessions I been in, it's smooth. (recommended not to use Cloud saves, that might affect loading/sync. Xbox360 has beefy harddrives, makes more sense to save on HDD.)

The matchmaking is cool because it also allows Lobby List style searching.
So you can check connection rating,
if they are in a battle,
if they are in the lobby seeking teammates,
how many players they have, etc.

searching lobbies, creating lobbies and inviting friends is easy.

User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#3
The graphics really are gorgeous and it feels like it's 60 fps. The battlefields really are massive arenas, especially when you are fighting multiple enemies, as well as GIANTS (which feel like more epic versions of MMO raid bosses, without the lag.) When you see players doing their massive super beams together on a giant boss,
you know this really is more breathtaking and unique than the usual 1 vs 1 / tag team / 4p versus matches out there.

The cutscenes are amusing too. Some familiar voices, and they reinvented some scenes/events in some cool ways.

As for the a.i. some like it, some hate it, experiences may vary, but I think people will adapt to it, and those that expect more, can co-op with people online. And the d-pad can influence a.i. behavior.

Battle of Z has sooo much potential for an ongoing series. This really deserves more sequels. People buy Madden, FIFA, WWE, COD, and other series every year, Battle of Z is too good to only be a one shot deal,
with at least 2 more sequels it can surpass Tenkaichi 3's roster, it's already surpassed the fun factor of every DBZ game to date, with an up to date roster having all the DBZ movies and GT characters (they aren't canon but it does have several awesome characters), plus adding Character Creation on par with Dragon Ball Online, it would be one of the most phenomenol series of all time. :)

It's already the most revolutionary, innovative and fun DBZ game to date, it really has the best formula to reach the next levels of Dragon Ball epicness, camraderie and entertainment. :)

No DBZ fan should miss out on this. We do have our favorites that should be in the roster, but with enough support and success, sequels will make the roster bigger and better and more complete.
But even as is, there is a significant amount of fun and character variety across Sayian to Buu saga, and
the newest movie too. Bardock's there also.

Overall it's insane for DBZ fans to skip this and just wait for a sequel, for a sequel to happen, this needs optimal support from the fans. If the DBZ fanbase is still enthusiastic as they were during the Budokai/Tenkaichi era, they definitely will support this. And I'm sure it will get lots of support because
DBZ is a phenomenon and a legend that influenced tons of things past and present.

So maybe there will be enough sales, because us fans that already are OBSESSED with Battle of Z, definitely want sequels to happen, and ready to play them for bigger more complete rosters and more epic cooperative and team based fun. ^-^

This game is SHIMMERING with so much heart and quality and co-op values. ^_^
This gameplay and format is entirely better than what a Tenkaichi 3 remake would bring.
It's another shining example that playing cooperatively is better than solo. And it's great it
does have competitive modes too,
though yea the 4 players online co-op really makes this campaign stand out a lot more,
it's epic and rewarding each time.

(also be sure you learn how to revive people, it can really help the team. It's cool how defense has depth and strategy besides offense, it really enhances the teamwork and diversify the roles, plus people can switch roles anytime. )

User Info: xMark

3 years ago#4
What the ****?

User Info: codman4

3 years ago#5
Dude, there's a section to post reviews.

User Info: joegt123

3 years ago#6
Unfortunately it follows the single worst development in dbz EVER.... That whole super saiyan god thing is so ****ing stupid it causes me physical pain.
"It was not for quiet complacence he was given the name of 'Thunder God'."
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User Info: stawg007

3 years ago#7
xMark posted...
What the ****?

I lold

Meet Xeno Mark

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
3 years ago#8
It's astounding how much effort TC goes into to sell the most average of games here.
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde

User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#9
Im happy for you TC. Sadly i never found DBZ games much fun but i did enjoy anime.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is the best PC game of 2012.

User Info: TheIastspartan

3 years ago#10
It's the worst DBZ game I've played in years. I'd rather endure UT or DBZ Kinect over this.
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