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Complete DLC collection.

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User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#1
so this is obviously just theory and a thought I've had recently, just to clarify.

But what if the devs/publishers decided to release every single piece of dlc for whatever game they've worked on, all on disc format in one case, for an obvious high price.

for example say Ubisoft decide to bring out a compilation of all of there AC dlc in one case on multiple discs for a set price or even Activision releases one with every single map pack every released, or a publisher could just go all out and do it all in one package (I.e Bethesda with fallout/Elderscrolls/dishourned and any others).

Would you be willing to pay for these dlc compilations, they wouldn't come with the game though, just be pure dlc in physical format for whatever price is set if the Xbox live marketplace for the 360 got turned off for good?

sorry if this isn't worded out properly.
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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#2
No, if the Live is down for the good, then so much time has passed that there's no longer any profit in releasing DLC for old games on a physical disk. People will just have to buy the GotY edition or whatever.

User Info: Fiyun

3 years ago#3
Not for a high price. Playing Alan Wake.
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