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Are you gettingTitanfall for Xbox 360?

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User Info: drdweeb

3 years ago#1
Since a really not liking the Xbox One, I will be getting Titanfalll for 360. How about my fellow gamers?


User Info: brunbbmerc

3 years ago#2
probably not. just seems like such an afterthought that won't be as well made
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User Info: Sheepinator

3 years ago#3
Not a chance. It was obviously designed for XB1 so I'm not interested in a down-port, and I don't have an XB1 so I'll just have to pass on Titanfall. If it's good, I'll get the sequel on PS4.
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User Info: subcons

3 years ago#4
If you read up on the development of Titanfall, it was actually built on 360 from the ground up. They moved over to Xbone once they had done a large portion of work on it so they could do more things they originally had ideas for. So the base foundation is likely what Respawn was working with and they handed it off to Bluepoint. Plus, they've been working closely with them on it ever since. All indications point to them actually caring quite a bit how that version turns out.

I suspect the two versions may be largely similar with some graphical differences. But we'll just have to wait and see. I'm not getting an Xbone until Summer at the earliest. There just isn't reason enough for me to upgrade yet. So I'll be getting Titanfall on 360 if the reviews fair well for it.

User Info: DrFeelgood1984

3 years ago#5
If it's and outstanding 360 game, I'll get it. Otherwise, I'll hold out for the sequel on PS4.

User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#6
I'll get it on the One
No Thanks
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User Info: CaIiber345

3 years ago#7
I'd like to play DayZ on consoles.
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User Info: Similac

3 years ago#8

User Info: lightfighter

3 years ago#9
Rented, yes.
Purchase, no.

User Info: darkhare

3 years ago#10
im more interested in plant vs zombies garden warfare.

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