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Games that have introduced you to new bands.

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User Info: mtKing52

3 years ago#101
pothocket posted...
lild1425 posted...
How has no one mentioned Cage the Elephant's "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" from the Borderlands intro?

Came in here to say this.
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User Info: Grindcorp9000

3 years ago#102
Merc123 posted...
I have to name the entire Tony Hawks series. It literally shaped my musical taste so much and i heard of hundreds of bands i might have not heard of otherwise. The first band it introduced me to though is Dead Kennedys with Police Truck. By far one of my favorite bands nowadays too.

Same exact story with me. Hearing Dead Kennedys in THPS opened my eyes to this whole other side of music I never knew existed. From there I branched off and started discovering punk bands on my own and the rest is history.

User Info: Grindcorp9000

3 years ago#103
osiris605 posted...
The NBA 2k games always had great music. They fell off a bit in the last couple games because they started going with more famous people, but I still listen to "Heart-shaped Box" by The Crest.

You mean Nirvana, right?

User Info: Kanal5nail

3 years ago#104
Maximum Carnage introduced me to Green Jelly.

User Info: kaiser16

3 years ago#105
sp0rklez posted...
A couple of the WWE Smackdown vs Raw games have introduced new music to me because of the menu music they used to have.

Same here.

User Info: klokwerk8

3 years ago#106
Primal (PS2) - 16 volt
Hunter: the Reckoning: Wayward (PS2) - No One, the Blank Theory
Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - Nobuo Uematsu, and thus the Black Mages
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User Info: Mandrew257

3 years ago#107
Sonic Adventure series: Crush 40
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User Info: Overburdened

3 years ago#108
Lots of Tony Hawk it seems. They do have good soundtracks fair do's to them.
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User Info: APanasonicYouth

3 years ago#109
RawketLawnchair posted...
HairlessTugboat posted...
Is As I Lay Dying breaking up?

in a way

the singer tried to hire a hitman to kill his wife and it ended up being an undercover cop

Now THAT is ****ing metal.
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User Info: Rickimaru91

3 years ago#110
singhellotaku posted...
Rickimaru91 posted...
Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy - Cold

Run Like Hell - Breaking Benjamin

God I loved run like hell...

Same here, however I've never actually finished it. I rented it once when I was younger but didn't complete it then a couple of years ago I bought a used copy but it kept freezing at the same part. I must get around to buying another copy at some point.
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