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Post your top 5 chokepoints in gaming

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User Info: darren19822000

3 years ago#71
Banana_Mana posted...
BlueJester007 posted...
glassghost0 posted...
All the poorly designed boss fights in Borderlands 2

You mean those bosses that force you to play with three other people in order to beat them? The bosses that would kick your ass even when you had four other people with you? The bosses that killed you and the three other people over and over again because no one has any legendary gear because the spawn rates for Legendaries are so small? So small, that by the time you actually get one, you could have completed the campaign on five different games five times?

Those bosses?
Yeah, f*** them!

Apparently Stig solo'd them all.

Whilst naked.

Riding a horse.

On a rainbow.

Or so I heard, anyway.

you mean this is stig?
gt darren reefnugs

User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#72
glassghost0 posted...
Tyronelio1 posted...
glassghost0 posted...
Kurgan777 posted...
glassghost0 posted...
All the poorly designed boss fights in Borderlands 2

Get better gear.


Beat the game and come back and talk to me.

I've done everything there is to do in it. The bosses are poorly designed and the gear doesn't matter. I had the gear to beat the damn bosses, which I did, that doesn't mean they aren't poorly designed

the boss fights are the best thing, aslong as you have gear that matches your style and level the fights are pretty good or even amazing (BUNK-K3R and the fight after and the first part of the final fight)

first time I kinda agree with stig, its all about gear bro.

oh and tc probably terramorphus or the fight to the bunker in borderlands2 the first time, tried to rush the game and got dominated.

No, it's not about the gear. You can have all the "best gear" and the majority of the boss fights are still poorly designed.

The whole loot system is just a poor attempt at disguising how poorly designed they are

I had no problems with it, solo'd it through my first play through and true vault hunter mode untill I got the internet.

Different.strokes for different folks I guess
GT: Tyron3L1o
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User Info: Oldskool_Rulez

3 years ago#73
Quick Time Events. I f****** hate them.
You don't need a reason to help people.
Don't y'all know nothin'?

User Info: kungfuj0

3 years ago#74
The main one I had this gen was the Collector Ship in ME2. I bet I retried that thing a good 30-40 times before I came here to try to figure out how to do it.

Still grateful to gamefaqs user zenardi for his tips on the subject!

I will also throw in a nod to Marauder Shields at the end of ME3...just one more thing that contributes to the still terrible ending of that game.
And to think...people laughed at me when I said MS could out-EA EA any day of the week.
Who's laughing now, *****es???

User Info: psobro

3 years ago#75
bionic commando:rearmed... reaching albatross on super hard, only to die over and over, continue and the game reverted to hard. raged and never tried again.
PSN: GibblesMonster
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User Info: ExDios

3 years ago#76
Spec Ops: The Line. There is one moment towards the end where a ton of enemies flood you from all directions.

Mass Effect 3: Kai Leng boss fight.

User Info: NateD_87

3 years ago#77
FFX - Mount Gagazet boss fight vs. Seymour (I beat this but only on my second playthrough. First time I restarted the entire game I was so frustrated.)
Dark Souls - Capra Demon
Guitar Hero - Jordan on Expert
Zombies at my Neighbors - That one level with the sandworms.. level 20 or so?
Halo - The Library on Legendary
Snapping necks and cashing checks

User Info: Halo_Forever

3 years ago#78
I could probably fill this post with my Halo 2 Legendary solo run.

Off the Rock Through the Bush Nothing but Jackal (4 instant kill snipers, 5 drones that kill you almost instantly and a few Elites and the check point starts with me out in the open, restarts: 200)

One Way Ticket - Jetpack Elite ambush when I had improper weapons (restarts 200)

Tartarus Bossfight - Got there in the beginning of 2005, played through it in 2007 (Sgt. Johnson loved to shoot the ground in my save) (restarts: 250)

Also Return to Sender in my original Halo 2 playthrough (retries: 250)

As for other games:
No Fighting in the War Room, Call of Duty 4 on Veteran, the Psi shaped corridor (restarts: 400)
Galvanna Shortcut - Turok Evolution (restarts 300+ at least).
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....
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