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Does this sound believable, after 30 days buyer said the new xbox 360 is not new

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User Info: brianrpgfan

3 years ago#1
My young relative who is very close to me, loves to collect game electronic and sometime before the holiday of 2013, he sold his brand new sealed xbox 360 bundle which he purchased last year from an American seller online with very good feedback or reputation from Florida sometime in the spring. But earlier this week the buyer after almost two months gone by suddenly complained the bundle was not new because he tried to extend warranty with Microsoft and couldn't do it because Microsoft said it was already registered outside of USA last year! Is this possible or what, maybe more like this buyer trying to scam my relative or he's trying to swap his old system with the new system instead? I mean how can a brand new factory sealed bundle set purchased in America possibly be used and already registered outside of America? In addition why it took this buyer this long to make this complaint; I mean if he really care to protect his system, shouldn't he try to register and extend the warranty a month ago ?

I really hope someone here who is knowledgeable or maybe you are someone who has experience with this type of selling issue!

User Info: gudaman

3 years ago#2
Hope you both took pictures of the ID number under the tiny flap of the box the console came in. You should always keep the info on stuff like that just in case people try to swap it out that way you can compare the numbers or at least have a case to argue with ebay/amazon.

User Info: TheBeastWithin

3 years ago#3
Sounds like a scam. Unfortunately ebay/amazon almost always side with the buyer. Although the two month gap is very lengthy. Check the return rules at the place he sold it; the length of time before attempted return may prohibit the return. Also, buying from third parties is always a risk so there is a chance that the person is being legit and that Fla. seller lied about the source.
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User Info: Sipher360

3 years ago#4
Damn, TC. I hate to hear that. There are so many places in this situation where dishonesty could have entered. Starting with the original seller, unfortunately.

The guy could just as well be trying to hustle your kin. That's why I do not sell to private buyers on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. Too many con men out there. If, by some chance, I have something to get rid of, I either give it to someone that would appreciate it, or trade it to a mainstream store for a loss.

I've had negative experiences much like the one you're describing in the past.

But, because it's been so long, I'm sure that the dispute committee will go on the side of your kin. Like you said, the only logical conclusion is that if this guy was really serious about the system, he would have check for the warranty information immediately.
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User Info: brianrpgfan

3 years ago#5
Thanks for all your input and have a nice long President weekend! I will warn him this buyer can be a scammer!
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  3. Does this sound believable, after 30 days buyer said the new xbox 360 is not new

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