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Just 100%ed Batman: AA

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User Info: fiasco86

3 years ago#1
Those combat challenges were freaking hard.

What games are you proud of 100%ing (or earning 1000G)?
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User Info: Ryan2002

3 years ago#2
Sacred 2 felt pretty good to get 100% on. It was a long road, but it was enjoyable(if you like dungeon loot games). I'm looking forward to what's in store for 3 when it comes out.
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User Info: Overburdened

3 years ago#3
Well done :)

When I finally reach level 78 in skyrim and a Legendary Dragons appears, I'll have all the achievements in that game.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

3 years ago#4
I was proud of getting all the ME cheevos. The whole trilogy. Not hard, really, but satisfying.
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User Info: hoggys2much99

3 years ago#5
My favourite 1000/1000 GS is on Bayonetta as it is my all time favourite game. Finishing it on Non Stop Infinite Climax mode was really tricky as was collecting all the crows and doing some of the Alfheim Portals. I seem to be the only one across many forums to have done Bayonetta all the way.

My second favourite is Soul Calibur IV. Doing Tower Of lost Souls in that is almost impossible and getting 20 just impact moves was also very tricky.

User Info: MajinTa

3 years ago#6
Has to be Asuras Wrath. Beating Akuma without him hitting you a single time? Took about three hours for that one. Haha.
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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#7
I have all the achievements in Oblivion, but 1 and I don't have Shivering Isles on this Xbox so I can't play it again and I did this like 4 years ago, but I did recently get 1000G on AC2 that i'm proud of. I only just started trying to collect achievements in games.
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User Info: NeVaRmoore

3 years ago#8
Sneak King. Those who've played it know what I'm talking about.
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User Info: lild1425

3 years ago#9
None, I refuse to get achievements for unlocking useless collectibles and other tedious tasks.
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User Info: Frison11

3 years ago#10
The only one...Assassins Creed II
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