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How many of you here own an Xbox console(s) and a Playstation/Nintendo Console?

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User Info: RetroGamerGuy

3 years ago#1
I honestly want to know. It's because I don't want to go by the stereotype that everyone who owns an Xbox is a 13 year old who owns only an Xbox.

I was gonna post this on Xbox One board but this board seems like it would be more crowded.

I don't own any Xbox's myself. Not an Xbox first gen, Not a 360, Not a One. But I have tried a 360 before and it was definitely fun.

REMEMBER. Any comments such as " Nintendo is for little kids " and " Sony is only for people who swing the other way " will have to meet the delete button.

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User Info: joegt123

3 years ago#2
My family has always been and forever will be nintendo.

Zelda, man. And metroid.

That said, i usually get a variety of systems. The only reason i have 360 and not ps3 right now is because there was one exclusive i wanted at decision time. Everything else i wanted was multiplat. I sometimes regret my decision. But i'm still going to get a ps3 for infamous, ratchet, and MGS, so...
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User Info: HykCraft

3 years ago#3
I own them all. Have a backlog of games on all consoles.

User Info: ZDT_Leader

3 years ago#4
I currently only have 2 Xbox 360s.

But I've had MANY different systems from many generations. Had a PS3 for a few months but someone sold it under my nose while I was gone for a few days (I was 18 at the time). The last console I had other than the 360 was a PS2.. God I should have never sold that thing.

Sold it for a used 360 from a craigslist person.. only lasted like a month or two. I had Guitar Hero, FFX, MGS 3: Subsistence and was actively looking for Dark Cloud 2.

I'm going to buy another PS2 someday. If just for Dark Cloud 2. That game alone is worth that system. ......Nostalgia is so strong sometimes...
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User Info: TheeLeeham

3 years ago#5
Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS and Wii U.

User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#6
Nintendo is for little casuals ;)

I own a one, 360, ps3, WIIU, wii, psp/vita/3ds and a ps2 and sega dreamcast.
GT: Tyron3L1o
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User Info: minun73

3 years ago#7
I have a 360, wii, 3ds, ps2, GameCube, xbox original, n64, and a ds lite.
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User Info: desert_santa

3 years ago#8
Yes I own all. Constantly rotating between them. Unless I buy a handheld game.

User Info: Overburdened

3 years ago#9
I have a 360, and a Wii. Going to pick a PS3 at some point, have it in the bedroom with Netflix etc.
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User Info: The_Rater

3 years ago#10
I have all the Xbox/Playstation/Nintendo consoles except Wii, Wii U, Xbox One and PS4.
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