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Has anyone else lost their Watch Dogs wood?

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  3. Has anyone else lost their Watch Dogs wood?

User Info: VandelayInc

3 years ago#21
i never had wood for it in the first place. whats it all about, hacking peoples iphone? the premise of the game doesnt appeal to me at all.

User Info: ohollywoodo

3 years ago#22
I barely had a semi to begin with.
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User Info: SplatterHouse55

3 years ago#23
My excitement for WD has cooled, but some strong previews can quickly change that.
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User Info: ZDT_Leader

3 years ago#24
I feel like its going to be a mix of GTA and assassins creed mixed together.. I was kinda excited for it.. But the delay ruined it for me.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#25
Never cared. The second a gun showed up, I knew this would be yet another boring Ubi open-worlder, but with lots of shooting. Not appealing at all. Now if I find out you can play the game 100% as a hacker who melees only in occasional self-defense and never has to touch a gun, I might reconsider.
''ALL games should at least have single player. I can always guarantee I want to play when I turn on my system. I can't guarantee others will.'' -aszsith
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  3. Has anyone else lost their Watch Dogs wood?

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