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I like none of the BioShock games...

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User Info: echappatoire

3 years ago#21
I only played the 1rst one, and its imo basically a stylish slow paced corridor shooter with loot and upgrades. I got bored of it very quickly but still tried many time to get back in it, to no avail, it just felt too repetitive. I dont realy understand why it got so many rave reviews either, it seems action/adventure shooters like Half Life had been there and done that already. I'd expect a game that gets almost perfect scores to bring some sort of innovation. Adding upgradeable powers to Half Life 2 is not worthy of 9/10 imo.

Infinite seems to have less repetitive areas and gameflow but i've only seen videos. All reviews seem to agree that its very short too so its probably not worth more than a rental. The DLC's for it seem really overpriced for their length (Levines' contribution to what seems to be a new norm in the industry) 15$ for a 2 hour DLC, and in this case borrowing content from its predecessor. And no, I dont long for the 80's when we'd pay 50$ for 30 minute money grab trial-and-error-repeat-the-same-in-different-color games that would drag on just because of their difficulty.

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#22
I liked the first bioshock a good amount but it always felt like a dumbed down system shock to me.

Bioshock 2 I didn't really enjoy at all.

I keep seeing infinite on sale for pretty cheap but I've passed on it every time, can't really speak on that one.
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User Info: The_Rater

3 years ago#23
bioshock 1 was not slow at all in comparison to many other shooters out there today. the character was mobile and there were different paths to navigate through without it being too one dimensional. however the rpg element did force exploration and slowed down the game from time to time nevertheless.

User Info: DakhanavarX

3 years ago#24
Loved 'em all, thought not quite equally. Different strokes & all that.
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User Info: simonbelmont2

3 years ago#25
Bioshock is my favorite game in the series. The combat is nothing special but the atmosphere, enemies, level design and music are pretty good. There is something thrilling about wandering through the ruins of a place like that.
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User Info: namewitheld

3 years ago#26
fiasco86 posted...
Sheepinator posted...
The colloquial definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Insanity is a legal not medical term. I believe repitition of the same act with the expectation of a differing outcome meets the criteria in terms of legal defence/proclamation.

Psychologically were all a bit manic/schizophrenic/depressed/stressed :).

edit - on topic - Bioshock was very impressive. The ' twist ' was actually very good story-telling and not just done because ' twists ' make things better. The idea of an underwater almost pure capitalist society ravaged by crazy genetic mutations is just so good too.

I enjoyed playing B2 even more and thought they did a damn good job in trying to carry on sulky pants' work. Many big devs have failed at reiterating someone elses IP.

B-I had the best gameplay and such a staggeringly beautiful world but dat dimensional travel...its always ugly in every story ( by its very nature its convoluted ) and Infinite was no different. Oh but you were that guy ALL along...but not...and yet...the baby is/was...OMG DIS STORY R CLEVER...or not.
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