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What convinced you to get a 360?

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User Info: andri_g

3 years ago#1
I bought an XBox 360 S because of:

- no RROD issues
- bc with several 6th gen games
- large internal HDD
- built-in wireless
- HDMI port
- Kinect <º
- FF XIII <0
- SC Conviction (free) :)
- The Orange Box :D

Why did you "pull the trigger" and get a 360?

User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#2
Because 360 had better exclusives (bioshock, orange box, gears)

User Info: JDGFootman1234

3 years ago#3
It was actually a very specific example. Oblivion came out and was gathering massive critical acclaim as a true next gen game and between the hype and reading some of the posts on here and such I picked it up. That and GRAW really knocked my socks off and made me content with my purchase. Oblivion is fairly bad looking now, but coming out of that sewer in 2006 was mind blowing.
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User Info: GodDogs

3 years ago#4
Mass Effect - awesome new space RPG, new IP from Bioware and it was 360 exclusive.

Combine that with Halo 3 releasing the same year and it made buying a 360 all the easier.
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User Info: IStopVitalSignS

3 years ago#5
Halo and then I ended up becoming a CoD guy.

User Info: dtmr

3 years ago#6
Dante's Inferno.
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User Info: twa556

3 years ago#7
At the time it had better exclusives and the better console version of the Orange box. Then the ps3 surpassed it exclusives in every conceivable way.
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User Info: Just_The_Tip

3 years ago#8
Getting an HD tv black Friday while the PS3 was still in short supply. I Couldn't stand how crappy my PS2 looked on it, and the 360 had quite a few games I wanted to play.
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User Info: The_Rater

3 years ago#9
At the time it was for Halo 3 and Xbox Live service.

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
3 years ago#10
Burnout Paradise, marking the second console I bought because of a Burnout game (I bought the PS2 for Burnout 3).
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