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So I replayed Dead Space, and my god, it was beyond amazing.

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  3. So I replayed Dead Space, and my god, it was beyond amazing.

User Info: TheLastAvatar05

3 years ago#1
Everything, in terms of enemies, setting, and overall atmosphere, was beautifully done despite the fact that the game has aged. I even watched Downfall and it was one of my new favorite animated movies from a video game. I begin to wonder why the series had declined after 1. I might play 2 or just do another run on 1 again. Is 2 better than 1 or does it lean towards 3? I hated 3 due to the forced love story, setting it on a planet 99 percent of the time, and the fact that the whole dismember fact, is thrown out of the window. I still enjoy it but it's not my favorite Dead Space game in the series.
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User Info: Elux

3 years ago#2
The funny thing is, I never finished it because it was so repetitive.
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User Info: ReportMeTyree

3 years ago#3
when does dead space 3 become the pew pew action stuff? I'm on chapter 4. Dead Space 1 was great, scared the hell out of me when it came out. In my defense I was like 13.
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User Info: TheLastAvatar05

3 years ago#4
Elux posted...
The funny thing is, I never finished it because it was so repetitive.

As can be said of anything else you do in a video game series....

And the issue with Dead Space 3 being a, "pew pew" shooter, is when they allow you to construct weapons with universal ammo for all weapons, and basically forgo the dismember part, and add it hordes of enemies to swarm you to create tension.
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User Info: darkhare

3 years ago#5
DeadSpace had some really nice set pieces like moving through the space ship when their was a breach and having oxygen depletion, but those moments were far to few and the game just turned into another shooter.


User Info: SeekAndDestroy2

3 years ago#6
I absolutely love the Dead Space series, I was a huge fan of RE4 so I remember feeling right at home from the very beginning of DS1. The third game was still great even though it lost some of the tension and resource management aspects. The whole concept of the destroyed fleet floating above Tau Volantis was really cool and I liked the twist near the end of the story. Co op was a nice addition although I hope they go back to single player only with the next installment.
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User Info: ZDT_Leader

3 years ago#7
I jus didnt like the ending parts.

bringing the tracer to the destination just bothered the crap out of me
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User Info: Splice_

3 years ago#8
When it came out it was out of nowhere and I think it got a bit underplayed. It's still one of my favorite games on the console. I need to finish my plasma cutter only run still

User Info: XOmegaProphetX

3 years ago#9
I enjoyed all of them, but they did drop the ball on 3. 3 wasn't scary or tense, whereas the fired one scared the crap out of me. And the universal ammo made it too easy, you never had the risk of running out of ammo.

2 was kind of a middle ground. It was still kind of scary and tense, but still not as much as the first.

I really wish they hadn't turned 3 into a TPS, because now the series is probably dead, and it was definitely of of the best new IPs of this Gen.

User Info: Dark_Spiret

3 years ago#10
i enjoyed the first one, but it wore out its welcome with me which is kinda sad since it is an 8hour game. the environments started to get really repetitive, the constant go here and fix this objectives got annoying and those god awful turret sequences can kiss my ass. The combat was fun all the way through, but the same enemies over and over dragged on.

Still it has nice atmosphere, a surprisingly interesting story and the the combat while repetitive was fun and satisfying.

imo 2 improves on nearly everything with the exception of that haunted house atmosphere the first game had going for it. its pacing is better, its combat is better, its story was a good continuation, its environments were more diverse, it has some intense scenarios and set-pieces it put you in. its just a well made polished game. Its basically what Aliens was to Alien of what RE4 was to REmake. its very intense through combat and setups while not sacrificing atmosphere like 3 did. 2 also had, imo one of the most haunting sections in the entire series.

the fact you played 3 before 2 makes me sad, lol.
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  3. So I replayed Dead Space, and my god, it was beyond amazing.

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