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For those who want to eventually got next gen but haven't what's keeping you?

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User Info: googler

3 years ago#21
Neither system really has anything worth playing urgently and 360 does. Aside from that I don't trust MS anymore and their involvement in politics are concerning and a huge turn-off. Aside from that everything but 360 has been a bit disappointing, XBone especially

User Info: kungfuj0

3 years ago#22
What's keeping me from going nextgen?

1. Games. Other than Forza 5, there is nothing out for either system yet that I 'MUST HAVE'. And as I understand it, even Forza 5 may have some issues...

2. No hdtv yet. As I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong), you pretty much HAVE TO HAVE an hdtv in order to use those systems. From the stuff I saw, they only have hdmi ports, and if you don't have hdmi or some kind of adapted, you're screwed. I'm screwed at the moment.

3. This one is especially for Xbox One. I keep hearing about stuff MS is adding to the system, and while on the surface, that is a good thing, some of the stuff sounds like it should have been in the system from the start. I've seen stuff like 1080p games that are 'coming'...shouldn't that have been in from the start??? Now they are talking about directx 12. I don't know how that will impact Xbox One, but if it, then I would have liked for them to wait and get everything together first and THEN release the system.

4. I still have a 360 backlog that I want to finish first. Gonna do that eventually.
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User Info: Loveddup

3 years ago#23
Most of the games are a bit meh at the moment, also I'm waiting to see where Fallout 4 drops just in case of some BS exclusivity deal.

User Info: vashkey

3 years ago#24
Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 are the only games I have any interest in playing and if the 360 port of Titanfall's good then really it's just Dead Rising 3.

Of the future releases Batman, Halo, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are it in terms of next gen exclusive. Maybe Phantom Pain if it's not on 360, but if it is that's fine because Ground Zeroes looked and ran just great on 360.

That just isn't enough to justify a purchase right now. Maybe when those future releases come out then maybe I'll have something to consider, but one to just two games is not enough to justify the investment.

User Info: Kamickas

3 years ago#25
Lots of reasons:

-I'm going to get a decent computer before I think about consoles. I'm a programmer, so I'd use it for work on top of gaming, plus I'm interested in the modding community...maybe even contributing to said community as well. The only reason consoles interest me at this point is exclusives, and there just aren't any out there at the moment that I consider worth it.

-There's no "must-have" games out there at the moment for me that don't also come out on my 360.

-No HDTV. I have a pretty huge flatscreen, but it's unfortunately not HD. I plan to upgrade eventually, but I don't really watch TV/Movies except on my computer, so the expense would be purely for console gaming, further increasing the "entry-price" for me to go next-gen.

-I'm just about at a point where I can live on my own without worrying too much about taking care of myself. I'm a month away from finishing college, have a somewhat stable but not terribly well-paying job, and a potential offer for a somewhat better job after I graduate. I'd rather focus on getting my own place before I worry about next-gen consoles, especially with the lack of games I'm interested in at the moment.

User Info: PLCD

3 years ago#26
Games games games. There aint **** out there.
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User Info: Veliconis

3 years ago#27
The sheer lack of games.

The ONLY game I'm currently interested in that's out on the One is Killer Instinct and it's technically free unless I want to buy one of the packs.

I'm one of the biggest KI fans out there, but no version of KI is worth $500.
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User Info: calinks

3 years ago#28
Yea I think the only games I'm interested in right now in order are.

Dead Rising 3
NBA 2k14
Metal Gear (waiting for a price drop though)
Maybe InFamous (never really liked the other games)

I thought I would have been really excited about Elder Scrolls online but I am no longer interested after getting more info.

I think they need a pretty big title to get my interest. I don't see one of those coming in the near future at all.

User Info: agentspoon

3 years ago#29
Kingdom Come is not out yet. As well as Arkham Knight. But I have a feeling that will be on Xbox and Ps3 as well.
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User Info: samurai1900

3 years ago#30
Interesting exclusives, for older XBox consoles, I have yet to find any, let's see how One fares in comparison with the coming years.
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