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Hitman Absolution and Deadlight are Games with Gold for April.

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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#1

I'm so excited to fire up a Hitman game, i've always wanted to try the series out. Deadlight sounds cool too.
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User Info: NaughtyOctopus

3 years ago#2
wtf is deadlight

User Info: popichuelo

3 years ago#3
Both games are about a year and a half old, a positive trend?

Never played a Hitman game so I'm looking forward to it.

User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#4
Well, poop.

I was hoping to have something new to play.

Both games are great though.
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User Info: 0ofreako0

3 years ago#5
deadlight is a really short semi-fun game. it's not a BAD game, but it's not great either. side scrolling zombie themed game. the main idea is to get to other side of screen alive, not to KILL ALL ZOMBIES.

god so many months in a row i have one of the games given. >_>

User Info: MacDaMurderer

3 years ago#6
Hitman Absolution release date: Nov 20, 2012
Dealight release date: Aug 1 2012

For anyone wondering. Seem like decent single player games.
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User Info: DyingPancake

3 years ago#7
Really wish I didn't already have them. Oh well.

Both are incredibly fun to play
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User Info: brunbbmerc

3 years ago#8
I am surprised the rumors were true
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User Info: DieMyBride

3 years ago#9
I was always interested in Deadlight. Anytime it was on sale I considered it but the reviews kept me from buying. So I'll happily take that for free. Already own Hitman and had a great time with it.

User Info: bigphil2003

3 years ago#10
Deadlight is fantastic. I really enjoyed Absolution too
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  3. Hitman Absolution and Deadlight are Games with Gold for April.

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