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Great movie-based games (any console)

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User Info: simonbelmont2

3 years ago#11
.vigorm0rtis posted...
Escape from Butcher Bay.

I've heard that game is good and I wouldn't mind giving it a go.

Lightborne posted...
Pillitus posted...
simonbelmont2 posted...
Lightborne posted...
The first amazing spiderman, x men origins wolverine, captain America, and the green lantern wasn't bad.

Yeah, Captain America was not bad at all.

I've heard Captain America plays a lot like the Batman Arkham series. That means it has to be good.

Captain America got kind of boring though, since can is a bit slower paced then batman.

I agree
and when he crossed the bridge the phantoms came to meet him

User Info: Lightborne

3 years ago#12
Meant to say capn.
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