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newbie help with xbox live

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User Info: HalloweenBat

3 years ago#1
When u sign up for xbox live are u always connected or can u sign in and out?.

I thought I heard someone say if u wanted to play single player games u were always connected is that true?.

Do u have to make a different profile if u wanted to just play single player games?
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User Info: orangenee

3 years ago#2
It'll automatically connect to Live whenever you sign in on your Live account. The only way to avoid it is to disconnect your console from the internet entirely.

You can play single player just fine on or offline, makes little difference.

If it really matters you can create a totally offline profile.
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User Info: NeVaRmoore

3 years ago#3
You don't always have to be online. Unless you're playing indie games, then you do have to be online. Otherwise you're fine.
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