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So I started playing Bioshock..

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User Info: justaseabass

3 years ago#1
What's the easiest way to kill the Big Daddies? They're so hard for me and I end up dying like 10 times before I can kill them.
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User Info: Matt_256

3 years ago#2
The first Bioshock, right..? I haven't played that game in sooooo long, like since the game came out but I DO remember avoiding them when I first started playing the game and trying to sneak past them instead of fighting them head on. I didn't start taking them head on until I got stronger and unlocked more powers and upgrades..

User Info: A-Z-1-3

3 years ago#3
^Yeah, don't skip little sisters/big daddies. You're gonna need the Adam.

I remember starting off with electric buckshot and finishing him off with a rocket or armor piercing ammo.

If you are early in the game, just throw anything you got at 'em, you're most powerful weapons and ammo.
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User Info: Guide

3 years ago#4
The meat of the game, for me, was figuring out elaborate setups for taking them down.

User Info: lostoutlawnb

3 years ago#5
Stock up on health and ammo before you engage in fight with one. Be aware of the area your in so you don't get cornered.

User Info: Bloodmoon77

3 years ago#6
GuideToTheDark posted...
The meat of the game, for me, was figuring out elaborate setups for taking them down.

I think one of my favorite things to do was find a hallway or something and line it with electric crossbow traps. Then shoot the daddy with something and have charge at me. Then laugh as it charges through all my traps and dies.

User Info: simonbelmont2

3 years ago#7
The rosie big daddies are harder than the bouncers as they can shoot rapidly. Try to hack any nearby security turrets, cameras or drones to help in the fight.

Also use up the armor piercing ammo you've acquired. If you have telekinesis you can throw gas tanks and other objects at the daddy to do some damage.
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User Info: plus1zero

3 years ago#8
Traps or shotguns are the best way to get you get further in though they get a lot easier.
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User Info: Lightborne

3 years ago#9
Armor piercing, save these for big daddies, upgrade tour shottie, and maybe machine gun for them. Powers help to.
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User Info: Berating

3 years ago#10
paralyze with electro bolt, blast with shotgun

that's the easy way. if you do it right you won't get hit at all, be sure to have enough eve in stock
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