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which game should I get?

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User Info: Sgt_Hostile

3 years ago#1
Need for speed the run or split second? Looking for a nice action racer.

User Info: mcr_182

3 years ago#2
Split/Second I havent played Need For Speed The Run. I'm not a big fan of racing games but I love arcade type and cart type racing games.
It might not be hard for yall but for me it is. I know its not an excuse but I have fat thumbs and ADHD plus my screen is small that I type on.

User Info: Hamada_adel511

3 years ago#3
split second
GT : hamada adel511

User Info: AltiarLio

3 years ago#4
Hamada_adel511 posted...
split second

The run is fun and really good for like 2 playthroughs lol.

It would be cool if you could go cross country as you please but I guess the crew has that. ; You'll Never Walk Alone.
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User Info: Spartan718

3 years ago#5
Split/second is a lot a fun
PSN:Spartan_718 GT:Cruril79
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User Info: Guide

3 years ago#6
Burnout: Revenge
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