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Number of 360 games played?

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User Info: hoggys2much99

3 years ago#11
A paltry crap 95 games.

I know a total embarrassment isn't it.
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User Info: Axess68

3 years ago#12
227 games according to
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User Info: _ChunksTM_

3 years ago#13
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User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#14
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User Info: minun73

3 years ago#15
134 games according to trueachievements.

But I have more games that I haven't earned achievements in so tack on maybe 10.
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User Info: Kurgan777

3 years ago#16
Just under 300 total played, but definitely not completed.
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User Info: davepesc

3 years ago#17
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User Info: JanayBerry

3 years ago#18
fiasco86 posted...
67 according to Trueachievements

F*** TrueAchievements! They flagged me as a cheater.
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User Info: JanayBerry

3 years ago#19
On topic, according to, I played 394, but that don't include to games I remived from the list where I had zero gamerscore, such as:

- Amy
- Assassin's Creed II
- Beyond Good & Evil
- Dead Rising 2 more!
X360 / PSN: KKA OMEGA Jim / Jim_Berry

User Info: etymologist

3 years ago#20
About 210 (including ones I removed record of since I had 0 GS).

I completed 42 of those, counting achievements...I've actually 'finished' more (RDR; Tomb Raider; etc.) but don't count them since I haven't finished the whole gamerscore...anyone else count them that way?
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