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Man, GTA V is such a great game.

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  3. Man, GTA V is such a great game.

User Info: dot_hack_paves

3 years ago#51
One of my favorite games ever made. Glad the sales figures were insane because rockstar totally deserved it. They hit a home run with GTA V
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User Info: Axess68

3 years ago#52
Well, I bought it for my PS3 used at a somewhat cheap price. I am lukewarm on the GTA games. I haven't been impressed with a GTA game since Vice City. All the "gangsta" stuff in San Andreas turned me off. GTA IV was only interesting when I did missions for the Jamaican dude. I have GTAV now, so I've played it, but still am only slightly interested. It's the kind of game I want to like, but I don't want to sell -- if that makes any sense.
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User Info: alucard138

3 years ago#53
Needs more bowling with cousin.
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  3. Man, GTA V is such a great game.

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