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How much $ do you think I could get if I sold my 360 (original model) and...

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User Info: MabusIncarnate

3 years ago#11
I think the list price for all of that combined, games with console, a good starting point would be about $300. I could see it all realistically going for $175-$225. Considering it is now "last gen", a bunch of those games can be had for a dollar or two online, and it being an original console (as someone mentioned, it somewhat makes it a 'ticking timebomb' because of the failure rates of the original consoles) the value isn't there like it would have been a couple years ago or earlier.

Right now trade-in value for an xbox console alone at places like Gamestop is about $20, and people will consider that when buying it preowned. I wouldn't put the value of the console alone over $40.

I know it's essentially over a grand worth of gaming, especially if you bought most when they were new or close to new, but it being preowned and older now, the value has really dropped and you won't get anywhere near what you paid for it.

User Info: RxInfection

3 years ago#12
Despite everyone pointing out it being an older console and a "ticking timebomb", I like the fact that it already had the RROD and was fixed. My original xbox I picked up in 2008 red ringed and I sold it to a buddy of mine after it was fixed and that thing is still chugging along to this day, whatever Microsoft did they sure fixed it up solid.

Beyond that I'm gonna have to agree with the consensus here, you're looking at about $200 if you pick out a handful of the rarer and more valuable titles (The Simpsons Game, GTA5, a few of the original Xbox games) and sell them individually and then sell the main lot as a whole. If you had sold this a few years back you'd be looking at a much better return, but as it was already pointed out, a MAJORITY of these games are extremely dated and can be found in the $5 and under bin at any used game retailer. And with the next gen consoles coming up on a year of release and starting to hit their stride, your window to make even $200 is closing.

In my opinion I wouldn't sell it all. I'd make a large lot of games I don't want and sell those just to make some space (especially all those WWE games, haha) and keep all the ones I do enjoy along with the console. Selling/trading video games is typically a losing battle unless you're extremely savvy and good at it. There's people out there hussling games and making money at it I guess, but it's not common. I gave up trading and selling games over a year ago, I just amass my games in a collection, loan games out to friends, whatever. But in the end, I still have the games if I ever want to revisit them, and my $65 investments didn't turn into $3 returns. You're throwing money away in the buying/trading/selling market. If you keep it, in the end you'll have a device that can stream video, music, play dvds and your collection of vintage games. Is it really worth the hassle of selling it all for a couple hundred bucks?
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User Info: chrcol

3 years ago#13
agreed I would keep it.

its value will keep dropping, but a point will reach where the rarity of it will increase th value again, but with that aside I think its better to keep it just for colleciton purposes and the ability to replay any of those games when you want. I think trading in games and consoles is a mug's game.

it is possible on ebay you may get lucky, I have seen some 360s go for silly money but also on ebay on consoles is so many relist's which I find a bit odd.

User Info: Xeroxicide

3 years ago#14
Some people here are giving pretty rosy numbers. I try to keep on eye on the secondary market so I'll give my opinion.

You'll be lucky to get more than $75 for the console. New consoles have gone on sale for ~$100 at different points and the type of people that you're selling to are generally price savvy. Realistically, an old model console that has already gone in for repairs in its lifetime will get about $50.

As for the games, a lot of them have no value whatsoever. I mean, is someone really going to go through and play all ten of the WWE games that you're selling? Plus, as someone else pointed out, a lot of these games are available for <$5.

You could maybe get lucky and get a high value for your bundle on the sheer size of it (emphasize the value per game). But a discerning buyer will go through your list, realize that they only want to actually play X% of the games, and try to lowball you.

I would say post it for at least $200, maybe $250. As I said, emphasize the value per game and in your games list highlight the bigger name games that still have decent value by listing them first (GTA V especially). Be prepared to go much lower than your asking value, but be patient. Keep an eye on your local market and try to post your ad when there isn't a lot of competition.

EDIT: Selling your high value games separately isn't a bad idea either.
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