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What game has got the most kids

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User Info: simonbelmont2

3 years ago#11
AltiarLio posted...
simonbelmont2 posted...
I started replaying Resident Evil 5 recently and I am surprised at how many kids join my game in co op. They all share this need to leave their mics on and mumble to themselves which is distracting.

Xbox Live is full of strange people in general: I got a random message from a player who sent me a friend invite ages ago. The guy felt it was necessary to tell me he was taking a holiday, he would be away for a while and that Hulk Hogan wasn't the boss, he was.

Haha I have a few friends online that like to message their friends and ask how they are and stuff its always good.

I mainly use gold for free games and party chat while I'm playing my games just to chill with a few Xbox friends while they're playing there's or downloading/watching something.

Yeah, I do get the odd message from friends online now and then. Sometimes they will ask about a game I am playing or spread the word about Games with Gold etc. It's all good.

mcr_182 posted...
I got a friend request from a person I just met on while playing Sonic and Sega All Star Racing Transformed and the race had not even started yet. That was weird and then that person sent me an invite to the game a few days later like we were friends already. So naturally I blocked him it was really weird.

That's not unusual in my experience: I've had a few people invite me to a game they are playing or send me a friend request to increase their pool of players. When Anarchy Reigns went on sale a few players sent me friend requests and invites to join their game. It's fine by me and I usually accept those friend requests.
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User Info: darkhare

3 years ago#12
i picked other because all online games have little kids in them.
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User Info: Discern

3 years ago#13
I picked CoD, but other than that the first thing that comes to mind is Borderlands 2...every time I played with a public open game, I'd have kids join like no other...Got annoying quick.
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User Info: AbstraktProfSC2

3 years ago#14
PvZ: Garden Warfare on XB1
I swear, everybody I play with is like 2 years old

User Info: Imn0tleB0W5ki

3 years ago#15
I f figure most kids play COD over BF because they don't know how to drive a "buggy" or tank. Its either that or their lack of "team mentality" (true ground pounding as a group) and support flying "skillz" in a jet or chopper.

User Info: hylianslayer

3 years ago#16
i swear 80% of the kids i see in gamestop are there for either cod or gta
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User Info: Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance
3 years ago#17
I'm telling's CoD. Period. There's absolutely no team work whatsoever and their lack of communication is the reason I know I'm playing with kids. Once they get on the becomes fact as opposed to intuition.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

3 years ago#18
I had a ton of them when I was playing SR2. Squeakers always wanting to drop in.
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User Info: SoF-Rambo

3 years ago#19
Of all the Rush and Conquest games I've played in Battlefield 3 and 4, I can count on one hand where I was actually part of the reason we lost. 30-10 with 18+ objectives armed. Yeah, I know I'm not the reason these children lost.

Then they have the audacity to send me a friend request...
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User Info: Heracylost

3 years ago#20
World of Tanks PC. Good lord.
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