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Great games to buy?

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User Info: Watmanwat

2 years ago#1
I want a game that'll last me quite a while. I have $100 to blow on a game(s). I want them to last a whule.
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User Info: Berating

2 years ago#2
it helps if you name a few games you like

Just Cause 2 (huge open world, third person shooter)
Assassins Creed - the Ezio Trilogy
Metro 2033 & Metro First Light (FPS with decent length campaign)

^that's about 70-80 hours worth of gameplay for 60 bucks
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User Info: ComradeRyan

2 years ago#3
I recommend purchasing Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition if you plan to utilize 2-4 player co-op.
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User Info: KillerKidner

2 years ago#4
Assassins Creed Heritage Collection

This contains 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations and 3. At over 20hrs per title, I'd say that should keep you busy. :)

This costs less than 30 in the UK, so you'd still have plenty of cash left over for something else if you wanted.
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User Info: Overburdened

2 years ago#5
Borderlands 2



Fable Trilogy

Skate 3 (I you like that kind of thing, I have 260hrs)

Fallout 3/Vagas (haven't played them, but hear they're long.

Mass Effect Trilogy (same as above)
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User Info: TyrianMollusk

2 years ago#6
I find fighting and racing games to have the longest value (but note that I don't like FPS style games), because there a good game is a good game system, and if you enjoy one, you can enjoy it for ages.

Blur -- great racing game, not too sim, but not too arcadey, and smart weapons/powerups. Good offline play, good online play, and has a split-screen mode (but split screen has a huge flaw that makes it frustratingly inferior).

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and/or Soul Calibur 4 -- I like SC4 better personally, but TTT2 is undeniably enormous. Both are pretty cheap in stores. If you ever liked a 2d fighter, check out BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend and see the state art there. Another game with great play variety and long term play value.

Spelunky -- fun platformer-type game with a generated world each play.

User Info: Imn0tleB0W5ki

2 years ago#7
Grab Far Cry 3 this week while it's on sale. I just started it yesterday but so far it appears to have a lot of content that will take a fair amount of time to finish.
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